Fame 2.0 - Getting your Fifteen Seconds Worth

Fame Are  you famous yet? Have you pledged your support to Britney Spears like YouTube celebrity, Chris Crocker, who was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Are you taking pictures for Nissan, like Flickr's Rebekka Guöleifsdóttir? Or is your band the hottest thing on MySpace since Arctic Monkeys?

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Beyond Google 2: StumbleUpon Integrates with Facebook

Facebooklogo_2 Okay, we admit it: we're StumbleUpon addicts at the Galaxy. We use the service to find user-filtered photos, websites, and videos we think might make good feature posts on the Galaxy. But we're equally smitten with Facebook and its powerful social communications networking system.

A couple of weeks back we posted Web guru Seth Godin's comment (he's the  author of " Cow," "Small is the New Big," and his new New York Times bestseller, "The Dip") that "StumbleUpon is social search and it's revolutionizing how we find things on the Web."

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WIS.DM -A New Social Network Based on What You Know (Not Who)

WisdmI can usually predict the success of a new venture by the degree of its simplicity and utility: a simple, useful concept always wins the day.

wis.dm (like StumbleUpon)is a perfect eample: it's a knowledge-based online community with a clean, minimal user interface design, where you ask questions to the wis.dm crowd and get back useful answers. It is for people who are looking for something more meaningful than they get from “popularity” based social news networks (digg is a perfect example with its page after page of meaningless, juvenile news). It’s a place to interactively ask, share, and learn.

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StumbleUpon -A User-Created Multimedia Community

StumbleuponOne of the truly great Web 2.0 communities that have emerged over the past couple of years is StumbleUpon -which can be described as a realworld, post-grad "Facebook."

One true of the pleasures of my job as editor of The Daily Galaxy is to take 30 minutes or so each day and browse StumbleUpon's user-recommended and selected websites from the global Web for subject ideas and photos.

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Beyond Google -Answers for Your Questions

Lifehacker_1Frantic Industries has created a terrific, useful guide to specialized online services for answering questions, ranging from Yahoo! Answers to the semantic search engines are the talk of the town. The guide covers search engines such as Hakia and SHOE to blogs such as Lifehacker to community services Wikihow and Crowdrules and new services such as Twitter.

Big Guide

Talking Google Maps

Twittervision_realtime_2In the "cool" but sometimes useless, sometimes brilliant world of Web 2.0 mashups comes Twittervision, which pulls in posts made in real time to the Twitter service and plots it to a Google Map on the fly. Set Twittervision in motion and start chattering with anyone anywhere in the world. As people post, Twittervision centers the Google Map on that Twitter user's location along with their message. I think this falls into the "brilliant" category. Posted by Casey Kazan.

Link  Twitter.com

A "Second Take" on Second Life

From Joseph at U of West Virginia...

Imagine_lennon To be fair, Second Life does raise some interesting question about what it means to ''live'' and ''interact.'' Is it something that can be duplicated? Is a word typed worth as much as one spoken? And do we really need to ''see'' people to ''know'' them?

It also does a fairly good job of answering them: No, no and yes.

It was John Lennon who said that reality ultimately leaves a lot to the imagination. He was mostly right, I think, but for the curious yuppie thinking about taking on the strain of a second, futile life, I will offer only a slight amendment: Reality leaves a lot to the imagination, but a second one leaves hardly any time for a nice, hot shower and a long, hard look in the mirror.