Today's Playlist Pick

Debris The Faces

B_ipod_blk_front_nrThis is our first daily pick of an artist or track for your playlist listening pleasure. Today's review is written by our New York colleague and music whiz, Andrea Graham. Enjoy, and please pass it on.

The Faces have to be in my opinion, the most underrated rock band ever. And, I'll admit it, ten years ago I would have dismissed The Faces simply for the fact that Rod Stewart was their lead man. Adult easy listening stuff aside, Stewart's pre-frosted spikes era with the Faces is some phenomenal stuff. This song, in particular, Debris, features the amazing Ronnie Lane on lead vocals and acoustic guitar joined by Ronnie Wood doing his famous lazy guitar swagger and Stewart adding a nice touch on back up vocals. Its  a relatively quiet song on rock standards, but something about it really captures a sweet nostalgia of a not so perfect relationship. Check out the box set Five Guys Walk into A Bar, almost every song shines in the 80 plus track collection.