Google Maps, Submarine Tunnels & Spy Satellites -A Galaxy Classic

Surveillance_4 There was a time when you could walk down the street with an index finger on a spelunking mission, fairly sure the world wouldn't share a chuckle over a photo of the act. Thanks to the Street View feature of Google Maps, Murphy's Law dictates that this will happen to you. Tomorrow. The defense? Wear a very large hat.

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The Manchurian Bot

Robot_blueIf you think governmental “spying” is out of control, wait until you read about this...

In the popular sci-fi movie, Minority Report, the public of the future is heavily monitored by the government. Remember those small disks surveillance microrobots that spied on citizens? That type of technology may not be sci-fi for long. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is funding research for stealth surveillance robots that can fly and are the size and appearance of a common housefly. They believe the robot's small size and fly-like appearance will be an invaluable tool in their eavesdropping arsenal.

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