The Emerging Surveillance Society—“Big Brother” or Common Sense?

Surveillance According to opinion polls in both the US and Britain, a whopping 75% of those surveyed wanted more, not less, surveillance. For better or worse that wish is quickly being fulfilled, and when it comes to surveillance tech, the US is clearly leading the pack.

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Google Maps, Submarine Tunnels & Spy Satellites

Video_surveillance_2_2There was a time when you could walk down the street with an index finger on a spelunking mission, fairly sure the world wouldn't share a chuckle over a photo of the act. Thanks to the Street View feature of Google Maps, Murphy's Law dictates that this will happen to you. Tomorrow. The defense? Wear a very large hat.

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"24" Cellphone Network to Detect Nukes, Surveil Cities

Surveillance_4Scientists and industry have been working together to create a global surveillance network.  It naturally weights itself to provide greater coverage for greater populations, contains more distributed computing power than the entirety of NASA, doesn't cost a single tax dollar and people waste it all talking about 'Lost'.  Yes, you and your cellphone friends are part of one of the most powerful network in the world and researchers at Purdue University have found a more important use for it than arguing about where to eat lunch.

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Robo Spyplanes to Save Lives Instead of Snooping

Red_cross_logo_3 In an advance so ironic it could be an Alanis Morisette lyric, army spy planes are being reconfigured to act as medical couriers.  By transporting blood samples, transfusion packs or medicines these automatic aircraft could save lives where no other transport options can reach.

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Spy Satellites Chasing Shadows: NASA's Contribution to the War on Terror

995_sukhoi Are you having trouble with funding?  Is your research unable to attract major media attention?  Just add Terror (TM)!  That's what Dr Stoica of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory did, and it could work for you too.

Dr Stoica's research is based on gait analysis - the idea that everyone has a distinctive walking pattern, and no matter how many fake beards or dark glasses you put on you can't disguise your stride unless you're wearing so many your knees break.

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"The Google Code": Powering the U.S. Spook World

Google_cia_2I wonder if anyone in the CIA Google'd the Treadstone Project? Where is Robert Ludlum when we need him!

With the increasing intensity of global USA and British electronic and satellite surveillance of al Qaeda, the leadership of the global terrorist groups have gone "dark," an unintended consequence of successful surveillance by NSA and other intelligence sources -many using sophisticated keyword analysis of the daily global electronic communications traffic. To make the spooks job even more difficult, most of the top terrorists have switched from using satellite phones and email to employing centuries-old hand-delivered messenger networks, cutouts at Internet cafes, and a vast network of honey stores that have existed throughout the Islamic world since biblical times to generate income and secretly move weapons, drugs, and agents.

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Cyborg Insect Surveillance -The World's Privacy May Never Be the Same

You can run, but you can't hide! For the past decade, Pentagon-backed researchers have been trying to create cyborg insects that could serve as living, virtual remote-controlled spies.  Until recently, the '007 bugs have never survived long enough to provide real intelligence.  Now, Georgia Tech professor Robert Michelson says he's managed to get the insect 'borgs to live into adulthood.

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The Realworld "Minority Report"

Minorityreport The Department of Homeland Security recently announced the development of futuristic sounding technology with a bizarre “Minority Report” twist. The criminals they’re looking for haven’t committed a crime yet.

The program called Project Hostile Intent is part of the Human Factors Division of the DHS. DHS says that they need a way to detect possible “future” terrorists without a criminal past and with no known ties to terrorist organizations and therefore do not appear in any government databases. The technology will use advanced biometric technology in an attempt to “read minds” of people in public places, like airports.

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