NASA Astronaut Soars to 1 Million Followers on Twitter

Twitter.nasa The first astronaut to tweet from space has passed another social media milestone. NASA's Mike Massimino, known as @Astro_Mike on Twitter, shares his daily experiences with more than a million followers. Here are two recent posts:

I will be one of the spacecraft communicators (capcom) for STS-130, which means I talk to the crew in space from the control center 7:09 PM Sep 28th from web

In the mission control center working as spacecraft communicator in a simulation for the STS-130 crew, practicing docking w/ space station

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Helsinki's "City Wall" -A Collaborative Social Space

Helsinki_city_wall_2 In a practice dating back to ancient Rome and attributed in origin to Julius Caesar, where the Acta Diurna (“daily events”) of political and social events were posted on the city walls, Helsinki, Finland's capital, has launched The CityWall, a large mutli-touch display installed in a central location which acts as a collaborative and playful interface for the city's everchanging media landscape.

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Twitter May Have Saved Lives During CA Wildfire Tragedy

Calif_wildfires_twitter If we needed any more proof of the value of Twitter as an instant communications tool– all we now have to do is point towards its adoption during this week's California wildfire tragedy.

The wildfires sweeping across parts of California have forced a million to flee their homes, left 400,000 acres of land a charred ruin and reduced some 1,300 homes to rubble.

So imagine the comfort that is being provided by three tireless Twitter feeds during this entire tragedy.

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YouTube Launches New Anti-Piracy Feature

Youtube_logo It just got harder to post your favorite clip from American Idol or last night's Heroes to YouTube. On Monday, the Google-owned pop-culture phenom launched a new technology that automatically removes copyrighted clips. The new tools not only allow copyright owners to block their material from appearing on YouTube, they also provide an option to sell advertising around the clips thus monetizing offending material while allowing it stay online.

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Twitter: The Ultimate Buzz Tracker

Twitter Twitter; it has become the new way for people to micro blog their lives to the world. At first, it received a lot of criticism for the actions of a few that felt that they needed to update everyone on the fact on the minute by minute trajectory of their daily lives. But without a doubt, Twitter is becoming the new ‘hot toy’ across the tech community.

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