Ray Kurzweil -Our BioTechnology Future

WatergirlListening to this NPR discussion of our biotechnology future with Ray Kurzweil (which was recorded in 2005), I was amazed at how in sync his vision was with exponential technology  growth. Intel's recent announcement of the Teraflops Research Chip -the first programmable chip to deliver more than one trillion floating point operations per second (1 teraflops) of performance while consuming very little power underscores the power of Kurzweil's vision of a biotechnology future -the singularity- when human's transcend biology. For more detailed discussion of his most recent book The Singularity -When Humans Transcend Biology  check out his interview with Boing Boing founder and SciFi (Overclocked) author, Corey Doctorow.

NPR Interview  Cory Doctorow Interview