Your "Digital Shadow" -a Mind-Bending Prediction

Philip "We discovered that only about half of your digital footprint is related to your individual actions—taking pictures, sending e-mails, or making digital voice calls. The other half is what we call the 'digital shadow'—information about you—names in financial records, names on mailing lists, web surfing histories or images taken of you by security cameras in airports or urban centers. For the first time your digital shadow is larger than the digital information you actively create about yourself."

IDC senior vice president, John Gantz

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Have You Been Photonapped?

Eos50eviewinfocellphone In a day and age where the internet has provided ease of access to everything, the big topic on everyone’s lips is that of ownership. Who owns what you write, what you take a photo of, what you listen too, what you watch?

The prominent battle field that this is being fought on is that of the music and movie industry. The big studios are scared to the bones of any piece of media being let go without some sort of restriction. Some of these restrictions are simple methods to track who originally bought the track. But in most cases they are an attempt to limit how many times you can play, where you can play, what you can play it on, and how long you can play it for.

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