Daily Long Bet -By 2024 "Artificial Life" will emerge out of the soup of human technology

Shutterstock_2587445Paul Damer predicts that by 2024 "artificial" life emerging somewhere out of the soup of human technology will be given a Latin taxonomic name by biologists and others and declared viable for study."

Doubt it? Consider Damer's main argument: “Our technology is all built and maintained by people, and everything there is therefore artificial. You might also follow up with the challenge: is a computer virus really alive? We might ask in return: is a flu virus really alive? Where does the machine end and the living form start? Is life simply a level of complexity so that once the system becomes opaque and unpredictable enough it is alive? Is life the ability of any entity to effect self repairs or self reproduction? Is life about populations in a dynamic dance within an ecosystem?"

What's your prediction? Mine is that he's correct, but off by 25 years or so on the long side. Jason McManus, Daily Galaxy.

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