Feist "I Feel It All" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick

Feist1_2After 2 years of constant touring, Canadian singer/songwriter Leslie Feist, whose sultry voice is magnetic, delivers greatness with a colorful and original album. "The Reminder", recorded in an old mansion outside Paris, has an organic, full-band sound. Tracks like the country flavored "I Feel It" unearth the artist's indie-rock roots, while the piano-led "My Moon My Man" builds a hypnotic dance groove. Feist always returns to her roots with intimate girl-with-guitar ballads. Posted by Jason McManus. As always, I've linked to the Rhapsody tracks.

I Feel it All

Silversun Pickups "Carnavas" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick

B_ipod_blk_front_nrI think you'll love this Silverspun's debut album, Carnavas, if you're not already familiar with them. It's one of my favorite new bands: this L.A. group is a beautiful laid back, stripped down version of Smashing Pumpkins with a dreamy sensibility. Lean back, pop in your ear buds, and enjoy the ethereal keyboards and driving bass grooves, and Aubert's raspy, idiosyncratic vocals! Posted by Jason McManus.


"Instant Karma": The Campaign to Save Darfur -Today’s Hot Playlist Pick

Lennonliberty_2Fifty of today’s top artists, including the likes of U2, Green Day, the Black Eyed Peas, Jack Johnson, and Ben Harper, have lent their voices and musical talent to the 2-CD compilation based on the John Lennon songbook, Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur. The album is an effort to raise awareness about the human rights crisis in Darfur, where more than 200,000 people have died, 2.5 million have been displaced from their homes, and 4.5 million remain in crisis with starvation, disease, and armed attacks a daily threat, and to encourage people to take action through music.

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Snow Patrol "Eyes Open" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick

Rocketship_5"There are swaggering bands, bands who are in your face. And then there are bands who get hold of you somewhere else. I think its a heart thing, an intimacy thing. Like you know them and they know you. I think we are one of those bands." So says Snow Patrol singer and chief songwriter Gary Lightbody. "Open Your Eyes," "You Could be Happy," and "Make this go on Forever" are powerful songs underscored by some of the most poignant, beautiful, and intimate lyrics in rock. I've linked as always to the Rhapsody tracks (full length and great quality sound). If you don't have a Rhapsody player, it takes a couple of seconds to download. Posted by Jason McManus.

Eyes Open

Mark Knopfler "Screenplaying" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick

A perfect, upbeat choice to start the week. B_ipod_blk_front_nrKnopfler's awesome talent comes across so well in this collection as a true of master classical and symphonic rock, the Celtic connection and amazing guitar playing puts these soundtracks in a class by themselves. The album consists of musical selections from the soundtracks of "Cal, Last Exit to Brooklyn, The Princess Bride," and "Local Hero" theme "Going Home." Don't miss the gorgeous melodies of the Happy Ending, Once Upon a Time, and Wild Theme tracks. I've linked to the Rhapsody tracks because they're full length and great quality sound. Posted bt Jason McManus.


David Gray 11 "White Ladder" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick

B_ipod_blk_front_nrIt's David Gray weekend at the Galaxy...This is truly great stuff -some of the best lyrics and music I've ever heard -try especially Babylon, Sail Away, and Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. British singer-songwriter Gray became a belated superstar with his his Dylan-like brooding melodies and straightforward poetry with dance-inspired arrangements that have found a welcomed home on mentor Dave Matthews' record label, ATO. As one Rolling Stone reviewer wrote: "Here and elsewhere, Gray proves that great songs sometimes require quiet acts of irreverence." I linked to the Rhapsody tracks for a full-length experience and great sound quality (if you don't have a Rhapsody player, it will take a couple of seconds to download one). Posted by Casey Kazan. See also yesterday's post.

The White Ladder

David Gray "Life in Slow Motion" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick

David_gray_2I'm just wild about David Gray."Life in Slow Motion" is his seventh album (and first for Dave Matthews' ATO label), and the first made in a "real" studio and the first done with an outside producer (MOR hotshot Marius De Vries). My favorite tracks are "The One I Love," "Fom Here You Can Almost See the Sea," and ""Aint No Love." Gray's lyrics seek absolution, searching, yearning for something beyond himself. As one reviewer wrote: "Slow Motion is, in its subtle way, a huge step: the blue eyed folk-soul singer's first truly stadium-ready album." I've linked to the full-Rhapsody tracks (if you don't have a Rhapsody player, it just takes seconds to download). Posted by Jason McManus.

Life in Slow Motion

James Blunt "Back to Bedlam" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick

YourbeautifuljbBack to Bedlam is James Blunt's debut album. The 5-time Grammy Award-nominated English singer-songwriter's debut showcases his soaring vocals and stirring songs, especially the number one hit "You're Beautiful," with a mix of pop, rock, and folk. The former cavalryman’s ballad-heavy debut is both heartfelt and sensitive. Back to Bedlam has earned universal praise, including comparisons to the likes of Damien Rice, David Gray and a young Elton John.

Back to Bedlam

John Mayer "Waiting on the World to Change" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick

Johnmayer1sized_1Love Mayer's upbeat energy, his earnest and earthy pop. What a great way to start the day, and a perfect follow up to Robert Wright's brillant discussion of progress and peril in the 21st Century (above). I've linked to Rhapsody's full-length tracks (if you don't have a Rhapsody player,it just takes a couple of seconds to download). Posted by Jason McManus.