The Reality of Batman -Is it Possible?

Filmbatman_3 It is no surprise that with the release of the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight, only days away, the number of stories focusing on Gotham’s hero is increasing. The latest concerns a book written concerning the likelihood that Batman could actually exist, and what the toll on the human body would be after a career like Batman’s.

Written by E. Paul Zehr, associate professor of kinesiology and neuroscience at the University of Victoria in British Columbia and a 26-year practitioner of Chito-Ryu karate-do, the book, entitled ‘Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero’, gives a fun and realistic look in to whether it would be possible to become Batman.

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Why Does Popcorn Cost More at the Movies?

Popcorn_2 It is an age old question, and one that has sparked many tempers; just why is it that cinemas charge so much for popcorn (and other various other treats)? Naturally, the answer is going to be a touch economical, but it is still fascinating.

New research from Stanford and the University of California, Santa Cruz, suggests that the reason it is so expensive also benefits the customer; in the long run.

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"New Gods" -The Ascension of Batman

Batman It wasn’t that long ago that I reported – upon seeing it reported elsewhere – that one of the DC Universe’s favorite sons, Bruce Wayne, would be saying adios to life. It was a massive announcement that seemed to somehow get slipped underneath the proverbial welcome mat of the internet. Well, a few weeks on, and there is more news.

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Dr. Doom & Company Go Digital

Dr_doom If you’re a comic fan like me, but didn’t happen to be born somewhere in the 1930’s, then there is a lot of back story that is simply unavailable to you. It is all good and well to get a few back issues, maybe a year or three, but just try and navigate your way back past a decade. It's nigh impossible, simply because of the rarity value placed upon those issues.

My favorite character of all-time is Dr. Doom, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He debuted in The Fantastic Four #5 in 1962. A brilliant scientist, Doom, once a classmate of the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards, became embittered by facial scars received from an experiment gone wrong, a failure which he attributed to Richards, beginning's Doom rivalry and obsession with the Fantastic Four leader. His ruling of the small Balkan nation of Latveria provided him with diplomatic immunity.

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The Star Trek Cosmos -Where Have the Beatles & Stephen King Gone?

12star_trek_online_0_2 If there was one thing I hated about classic Star Trek, and especially about The Next Generation, it was the apparent lack of pop culture in the 23rd Century, or for that matter, at any point in human history after 1952.

According to the mythology of those two series, human culture stopped evolving shortly before the advent of Rock and Roll and picked up some 300 years later just in time for future hams to chew up the scenery with Shakespeare performed in Klingon. There's nary a Stratocaster in the Star Trek universe. Nobody listens to the Beatles or reads Stephen King. Riker plays trombone in a holodeck jazz combo, Data favours the violin and Mozart string quartets, while Spock strums a Vulcan lyre (whatever that is) as Uhura improvises madrigals in the mess. The crew of the Enterprise-D lives out film noir and Western fantasies on the Holodeck, which is also the scene of a titanic struggle between Professor Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes.

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Robosaurus -Pop Culture Icon Soon Up for Bid

Robotosaurus Back in 1989, inventor Doug Malewicki had a dream.  It had nothing to do with world peace or liberty for all.  Nor did it relate to love or an end to hunger and poverty.  Doug Malewicki wanted to create a 31-ton, fire-spewing electrohydromechanical robotic dinosaur. 

Call him crazy, but now, 18 years later, his creation, Robosaurus has become a pop-culture icon and an influential predecessor to many modern day robotic creations. Robosaurus (pictured left, 'in action'), modeled after a Tyrannosaurus rex, has hydraulically activated arms with claws that can rip apart buildings, and teeth that can tear apart your mom's '86 Volvo with their 20,000 pounds of force.

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The Joker Revealed?

Jokerbatman_2Fans of Batman the Dark Knight are in full uproar at the moment, thanks to some clever internet fakery; we think.

A week or so ago in an attempt at viral marketing by Warner Bros. Entertainment to promote the new upcoming Batman movie, The I Believe in Harvey Dent website featured a campaign poster for the fictional character to be played by Aaron Eckhart.

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Scotty’s Ashes Still Earthbound

Scotty_startrekYou don’t have to be a big fan of Star Trek to know who Scotty is. The “Beam me up Scotty” has made its way into everyday vocabulary, and only a passing knowledge connects it to the red-shirted engineer from the original Star Trek series.

James “Jimmy” Doohan portrayed the lovable Scot so well that he has become one of the favorites of the Star Trek universe.

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