Beijing's Olympic Stadium -A Photo Essay

Logo2008_1Check out this photo essay of the new 2008 Olympic structures under construction in Beijing. In addition to the stunning “bubble building” being built for the 2008 in Beijing, an equally-awesome structure under construction just across the way. Herzog and DeMeuron’s Olympic Stadium, referred to by some as the “Bird’s Nest,” is a feat of engineering, an asthetic marvel and an uber-green machine. The Swiss architects describe it best: “The spatial effect of the stadium is novel and radical and yet simple and of an almost archaic immediacy. Its appearance is pure structure. Facade and structure are identical.” Posted by Jason McManus.

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World's 1st TV Premiere at '37 Berlin

Ihf_1938_81933855Did you know that one the first faint television signals were transmitted at the opening ceremonies of the 1936 Olymic Games in Berlin with Adolph Hitler and his guest, Benito Mussolini, in  attendance. It was an attempt by the Third Reich to show the progress and superiority of German technology. A million people jammed Berlin's Olympic Stadium and adjoining Mayfield to hear speeches and witness a spectacular military tattoo.

An even earlier transmission was made on 27 April in 1927 when then Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover made a brief TV appearance. Posted by Casey Kazan.

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