SpaceGeek Weight & Real-Age Test

6a00d8341bf7f753ef00e54f3343498834-800wi Take this totally cool Spacegeek test and find out how much you weigh on Venus or Mars and find out how much the Universe has expanded since your birth on Planet Earth. Spacegeek Test Link.

Here's the cosmic expansion since I was born:

I have orbited the Sun 32 times
the Earth has spun on itself 11975 times
224 new stars were born in the Milky Way galaxy
the Universe has expanded by a distance equivalent to 20 Solar Systems.

Jason McManus

Sacred Down Under: Sole Survivor Saves Ancestral Land by Rejecting $5 Billion

800pxflag_of_australiasvg In a world obsessed with wealth, it is inspiring to find a man who believes that some things are priceless.

As the last living member of the Djok clan, shy 36-year-old Jeffrey Lee controls the fate of Koongarra in Australia. The beautiful stretch of land just happens to be rich in highly coveted uranium.  French energy giant Areva wants to extract 14,000 tons of uranium from the site worth more than $5 billion.

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Subpolar Gyre & the Amazing Voyage of the Yellow Ducks

Duck700101 They're yellow, they go quack, and they’re made of plastic; what am I talking about? Yeah, you got it, scientific water buoys! Or at least, that’s what these rubber ducky’s have become to oceanographers across the globe.

It happened in 1992, 15 years ago, on a storm tossed night somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of mainland China; 29,000 plastic yellow ducks, blue turtles and green frogs were washed overboard from a Chinese freighter.

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The Secret Chinatown: A Subterranean‘City’

Chinatown_1 It’s a strange tale to tell, one filled with a sense of awe and melancholy. It’s the story of the once extensive network of tunnels and dwellings beneath the streets of downtown Oklahoma City. Most of the “above ground” residents had heard rumors, but weren’t sure if it really existed. Entrances to the subterranean ‘city’ were often hidden or disguised. Mother’s took advantage of the mystery by warning unruly children to behave lest they were dragged off to a lair far below, never to be seen again.

Indeed, an underground multi-leveled complex was found extending deep into the earth. According to some accounts, there was even a third level Buddhist temple and cemetery built by the residents.

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10 Random and Obscure Facts: Pirate Edition

Pirates_21) Although Hollywood pirates, such as Jack Sparrow’s friends, like to grumble “arrr” or “arrrrgh" frequently, real pirates were not known to do so. Hollywood actor Robert Newton, who played Long John Silver in the 1950s had a regional accent from the Cotswolds district of southwest England where they like to roll the "r" a bit. However, your average real pirate did not exaggeratedly roll their “r” like the fictional ones do.

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10 Random and Odd Facts: June 5

Abrahamlincoln2_21- The bloodhound is the only animal whose evidence is admissible in an American court.

2- Abraham Lincoln, who invented a hydraulic device for lifting ships over shoals, was the only US president ever granted a patent.

3- The only father and son to hit back-to-back home runs in a major league baseball game were Ken Griffey, Jr., and his father, Ken Griffey, Sr., both of the Seattle Mariners, in a game against the California Angels on September 14, 1990.

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10 Random & Obscure Facts: June 1

Charlie_chaplin_2_21. Charlie Chaplin once lost a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest.

2. Percy Spencer’s father died when he was just a baby, his mother subsequently abandoned him. He never finished grade school and was put to work at a mill when he was only 12. That didn’t stop him from receiving hundreds of patents including the one for the microwave. He figured that one out by accident when he walked by a radar tube and felt a candy bar melt in his pocket.

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5 Random & Obscure Facts -May 29

Ip_microbes_31. An average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than an average toilet, at least according to a study conducted by University of Arizona researches, which tested common surfaces like telephones, desks, water coolers, doorknobs, and toilet seats. Phones actually came in first, with desks a close second.

2. In 1998, Sony accidentally sold 700,000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people's clothes using a night vision setting. Sales spiked when the news went public.

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