NASA Answers "2012" Fears (VIDEO)

2012_movie_poster2a 2012 a disaster flick about the end of the world is currently assaulting movie goers across the country. The plot of the film, which grossed more than $65 million on its opening weekend, revolves around the ancient Mayan "prophecy" that we will all be obliterated on December 21, 2012,  the date on which the Mayan calendar ends - a prophecy that was also referenced in the series finale of The X-Files as the launch date for the ultimate alien invasion.

Meanwhile, NASA has found itself answering so many common questions that their Ask an Astrobiologist video offers calming, professional reassurance that there is no planet Nibiru, nor will it collide with Earth.

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Why Did the Dying, Evil HAL Sing "Daisy" in Space Odyssey 2001?

Hal9000 Remember that terrifying death-of-HAL scene from Stanley Kubrick's classic '2001: A Space Odyssey,' in which the evil computer drones its " childhood" lyrics to Daisy Bell?  It turns out that 'Daisy Bell' was a nod to the IBM 704, which, a team at Bell Labs programmed the first computer to sing in 1962. The popular tune from the late 19th century was chosen as part of a demonstration of speech synthesis which was previewed by Arthur C. Clarke, who also co-wrote the screenplay, paid a visit to a friend at Bell Labs where he was was treated to a performance by the IBM 704, and later, inspired by what he'd seen, reproduced it in the dramatic death scene of HAL 9000.

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Arthur C Clarke in Memorium: Video on 2001 A Space Odyssey


Arthur C. Clarke died yesterday at his Sri Lankan home, aged 90. Don't miss this spellbinding video interview with director James Cameron (Alien/Titanic), the philosopher Camille Paglia, and Sir Arthur C. Clarke on the making and importance of Stanely Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey. Cameron rightly describes 2001 as the most important science-fiction film ever made.

Clarke was the last surviving member of the "Big Three" of science fiction: Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein and Isaac Asimov.

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Star Trek XI -The Movie, a Preview

Startrek_scotty_2_3 Good news, Trekkies! Director J.J. Abrams has announced his cast for the new Star Trek movie, tentatively titled Star Trek XI. Abrams is critically acclaimed for his work directing series on ABC such as Alias, and the hugely popular, perpetual-cliffhanger, Lost.

The story line sets place very early in the Star Trek storyline, dating as far back as to tell the tale of the earliest adventures of Capitan Kirk and Mr. Spock. Speaking of the characters, let's get to the who's who.

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Hollywood Science: Special Effects -The Best & Worst

2001 Costas Efthimiou, a physics professor at the University of Central Florida has had it with all the ridiculous physics blunders running rampant in cinema.

Remember the scene in Spiderman where the Green Goblin is standing atop a bridge holding M.J. in one hand and a rail car filled with passengers in the other?

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Edward Norton on the Hulk -A "Great Contemporary Myth"

Hulkbigbanner There is a little bit of a stereotype that can be easily attached to many of Hollywood’s greatest stars. It’s a stereotype that suggests that all they can do is act, and even then not very well. But that is not the case for Edward Norton, star of the upcoming Hulk movie.

Starring in movies such as the Illusionist and The Italian Job has made Norton a household name these days. And for the man who is, personally, one of the greatest actors alive, Norton has grown in stature in after evidence has spotlighted his writing talent.

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Comic Book Classics Coming to a Screen Near You

Green_lantern Whether you’re a DC fan or a Marvel fan, or even if you haven’t even picked up a comic book before, there is definitely something in the works for you. Both major comic publishing houses are going all out to take a share of the pie that is the cinematic experience, and whether it is on the big screen, or a straight to DVD movie, you’re going to be well in hand.

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Digital Dent -Batman's "Two Face" Legacy

Twoface_3 The latest incarnation of the Batman movies has evolved to be one of the most successful movie franchises in its exciting yet short cinematic history. Released in 2005, and starring Christian Bale as arguably the greatest Batman of them all, the beginning of Batman as we know him was one of the most fascinating of  the series.

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Nicole Kidman Stars in Science-fiction Thriller "Invasion"

Invasion_of_the_body_snatchers Nicole Kidman will be the leading role in the big-budget thriller "Invasion" -a remake of the 1956 science-fiction classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," based on the novel by Jack Finney.

Shooting for the film, which opens nationwide August 17th,  will be overseen by "Matrix" trilogy producer Joel Silver. The release date might coincide with the 50th anniversary of the classic original.

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