Algorithm Makes 8th World Series Prediction: Go Rays!

Rayssuccess1 If you’re a Tampa Bay Rays fan, then Professor Bruce Bukiet, a mathematician at New Jersey’s Institute of Technology, is your friend this year. In his eighth year predicting who will win the World Series, American baseball’s highest crown, Bukiet has announced that the Rays have an overall 59% chance of winning the series.

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Is Mathematics Discovered or Invented?

Stella_2 For centuries people have debated whether – like scientific truths – mathematics is discoverable, or if it is simply invented by the minds of our great mathematicians. But two questions are raised, one for each side of the coin. For those who believe these mathematical truths are purely discoverable, where, exactly, are you looking? And for those on the other side of the court, why cannot a mathematician simply announce to the world that he has invented 2 + 2 to equal 5.

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The 7 Great Millennium Problems -Solve them & Win $7 Million

Millenium_questions_1_2Do you have what it takes to win one million dollars?  All you have to do is solve a math problem.  And there are seven of these problems.  Seven million dollars –   easy money.  Well… it’s not as easy as it sounds.

These seven problems are known as the Millennium Problems, so named since a prize was announced in 2000.  The Clay Mathematics Institute, which would award the money to a winner, was founded by Landon Clay, an American businessman and mathematics enthusiast, to create a greater awareness in the field of mathematics and guarantee continued research.

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The Secret World of Issac Newton- Creator of the Modern World

Newton_3Newton, creator of the modern world, Lucasian professor of Mathematics at Cambridge (the chair held by Stephen Hawking) lived in a world turned upside down by the English Civil War, the Black Plague, and the Great Fire of London. Newton lived in a world of passions inflamed by Catholic against Protestant. This fascinating biographical video examines Newton's covert religious life -a life that led him to secretly deny Christ's divinity and the Trinity.


Einstein's Big Idea -The Cosmic Engine that Drives the Universe

Emc2How would 10 top physicists—two Nobel Prize winners among them—describe Einstein's equation, the most elegant, important equation in the history of science and mathematics, to curious non-physicists? Nobel Prize Laureate, Sheldon Glashow, begins: "When an object emits light, say a flashlight, it gets lighter." Listen below to this Nova special series and get a new perspective on our world and existence, starting with Harvard theorectical physicists Nima Arkami-Hamed...

Einstein's Big Idea