CSI Interactive: You Solve the Crime!

Csi_02_3We love this at the Galaxy: imagine entering a crime scene and being the one responsible for noticing and collecting every trace of evidence. With input from investigators from the CSI TV show, along with their real-life forensic science counterparts, you will …Pose a theory, Evaluate the Evidence, and Crack the Case. How cool is that! Posted by Jason McManus.

CSI Interactive

BBC's New Interactive Climate Challenge Game

The BBC plans to launch an interactive climate change game entitled “Climate Challenge” on its interactive network January 16th. Climate Challenge builds on the BBC's Climate Chaos collaboration with www.climateprediction.net - the world's largest computing experiment to try and produce a forecast of the climate in the 21st century.

Climate_change_game_bbc_1  Climate Challenge players will log on, take “the hot seat” and attempt to guide Europe from 2000 to 2100 while all the time making choices that could make the difference between a safe or dangerous future for humanity. Climate Challenge will be launched on the BBC Science and Nature website.

The choices made by each Climate Challenge player are the real ones that government also has to tackle. Can you juggle the demands of running a country? Can you deliver food, water, and clean energy for a hundred years? Would your ideas save the planet? Or will you just get voted out of power as you make the wrong choices?