The NexGen Roach Motel

Pestcockroachcopyright4_2 You might think you hate cockroaches, but rest assured that scientists kick your ass at despising this ancient pest.  If nothing else, a 6th edition Quantum Mechanics textbook is much more definitive than the rolled-up newspaper you bring to bear on scuttling pests.  But the professors out there don't drop their book-learning on pests directly - they apply it to create death-devices that make Raid look like an insect-relaxing herbal scrub.

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“Spider Man” Science: The Black Widow Blueprint

Spiderman_science_1_2Spider Man was able to harness the awesome powers of the spider, and now scientists are hoping to do the same. Specifically, they want to develop super-materials using the black widow’s dragline silk as a blueprint.

Black widow dragline is superior to other spider silks due to a combination of incredible strength and unusual extensibility. Their silk is also unique in its ability to absorb enormous amounts of energy. Scientists are now unlocking the secrets behind this incredible material.

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