Coming of Age in the Holocene -A Galaxy Insight

Shutterstock_2824481_2Many of us are blissfully unaware that almost the whole of human history -from the hunters and gatherers to the rise of towns and cities, the development of science and medicine -the whole of our great human pageant- has taken place within an atypical period of fair weather.

For most of our 4.5-billion year history, the typical pattern was for the earth to be hot, sans ice anywhere. The current ice epoch started about 40 million years ago, with at least 17 serious glacial episodes in the last 2.5 million years, which coincides with the rise of homo sapiens, the rise of the Himalayas and the formation of the Isthmus of Panama, disrupting the flows of warming currents between the Atlantic and Pacific.

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Is Global Warming Creating New Climate Zones? Experts Say "Yes"

World_climates_zones_2Anyone with a sense of the 4.5 billion-year history of climate and geological change on our planet knows that change is the only true global constant. Global warming is re-structuring the world's climate zones, with some estimates that by 2100 polar and mountain climates disappearing altogether and formerly unknown ones emerging in the tropics (keep in mind that the Antarctic was once a tropical life-zone).

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Swimming the North Pole –A Cautionary Tale

Northpole_2There is no doubt in my mind that the earth is going to hell in a hand-basket faster than I can say “Watch An Inconvenient Truth”. But for some out there, the doubt is still high in their minds, and they will try and prove it with any factoid they can find or create.

But after Lewis Gordon Pugh is done with his next adventure, we can only hope that some of those doubters finally hang up their qualms and jump on board the need to do something. Pugh, a British adventurer of much renown, plans to set about breaking his own record on July the 15th. The record? Coldest swim by a human. Location? The North Pole!

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