Ultimate Narcissistic Gadget: An Electronic Attention Seeker

Robots have just replaced ninety percent of everything that's wrong with the internet. Ufortunately, this once we won't be able to force the originals into unemployment.  A team of musicians, artists and gadget gurus (and they're all the same people) have built an electronic attention seeker: a device which constantly scans the net for mentions of its own name.

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Gadgets & Gizmos Debut in Geneva

Vintage_gadgetsThe 35th Geneva Invention Fair is said to be the world's leading showcase for inventions, this year drawing around 1,000 gadgets from more than 40 countries, among them a new aphrodisiac, a sushi-rolling machine, underwear for pets, a sure-shot golf putter, and even a flying man, former Swiss air force pilot Yves "Fusionman" Rossy – the first man to fly strapped to a wing equipped with four jet engines.

Another Swiss invention, one that could bring joy to hackers worldwide, is the "very high accuracy" GIS putter that has a "sight" carved into the top of its grip. According to its inventor Louis Brolly, you simply take aim and the ball's as good as in the hole. He says the guardians of the game – the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews – have given his invention the all-clear. "Even the best players would benefit from this, including Tiger Woods," he boasted.