The Future of Food: Will We Be Buying Meals Cultivated in Labs? -A Galaxy Insight

Image_2 This past spring, the first international In Vitro Meat Symposium was held in Norway. The consensus among scientists seems to be that by the end of the decade we will be buying in vitro beef, pork and chicken that was artificially grown from stem cells in laboratories. They say it’s more humane to eat an animal that never had a head, sort of like eating a meaty vegetable. 

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Miracle Fruit: The Psychedelic Berry That (Legally) Rewires Your Senses

523pxtongue_rolling_stonessvg_5 Imagine drinking Tabasco sauce and thinking it tasted like a sugary glaze, or drinking a bitter beer that your taste buds are certain is chocolate. Imagine having a magic pill that could turn lemons into candy. Well, you don’t have to imagine. Like a magical treat straight out of Willy Wonka’s candy factory, the berry known as “miracle fruit” has the odd ability to rewire the way the tongue perceives bitter and sour flavors for up to two hours after consumption. The fruit has been growing in popularity in the US as the guest of honor at bizarre soirees known as "flavor tripping parties" where tasters eat the strange little fruit and then consume sour and bitter foods to experience the oddity of how their tongue transforms the flavors in a reality-defying fashion.

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Space Food: China is Growing Giant Food with Seeds from Outer Space

7fd3bc049821d1393bc25bb09d5ea8b8_1 While most governments are reacting to the global food shortage by growing more food, the Chinese have decided to grow the same amount of fruits and vegetables, but with A TWIST: giant versions of standard food staples: 210-pound pumpkins, 2-pound tomatoes, and cucumbers that are over 2-feet long -- that are currently feeding families in 22 of China's provinces, and governments in Europe, Japan and elsewhere are taking notice.

This weird, believe-it-or-not scenario becomes even more fantastic as it turns out that the reason these foods can grow so huge is because they've been sent to outer space. The seeds get blasted into outer space, and, after they return, transform into enormous eatables -- but no one knows why.

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Food Tech -The Next-Gen Market

Food_technology_2Soon you might actually look forward to your weekly trip to the grocery store, and your visits may even become more frequent. Food is riding the technological wave, and grocers are looking to advances in science and technology to reach consumers.

Take the “Multisserie,” a stream-lined, futuristic rotisserie chicken oven that allows customers to view their own succulent chicken roasting away as they shop. “We try to bring a very high show element to it,” stated Ernst Goettsch, the marketing director for the Multisserie’s manufacturer, Fri-Jado, a company based in the Netherlands.

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World's Top 50 Restaurants

El_bulli_restaurantEl Bulli is still the best restaurant in the world, and The French Laundry is still the best restaurant in America. Just "don't leave home without it" and make sure your Swiss account has sufficent funds to cover the tab! World-renowned chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli at Costa Brava, Spain is pictured above.

Or so says Restaurant Magazine, which Monday unveiled this year’s The S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants List.

World’s Top 50 Restaurants:

The Complete 2007 List

1 El Bulli (Spain)
2 The Fat Duck (UK)
3 Pierre Gagnaire (France)
4 The French Laundry (USA)
5 Tetsuya’s (Australia)
6 Bras (France)
7 Mugaritz (Spain)
8 Le Louis XV (Monaco)
9 Per Se (USA)
10 Arzak (Spain)

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