John Prine "Fair & Square" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick

B_ipod_blk_front_nr_2American icon John Prine returns from his wrestle with cancer in full big-hearted glory with his with Fair & Square -an album that ranks with the finest of an inspired career. My personal favorites include the reflective grace of "Taking a Walk," the whimsy of "Crazy as a Loon," the joy of "Glory of True Love," the electric rockin' jolt of "Bear Creek Blues,"My Darlin' Hometown" with bluegrass queen Alison Krauss , and the deserted-street desolation of "The Moon Is Down." I've linked to the full length Rhapsody tracks. Posted by Jason McManus.

Fair & Square

Damien Rice "O & Amie" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick

Damien_rice"O," Irish troubadour Damien Rice's lush debut album revolves around familiar, bittersweet concerns of life, love, and their attendant frustrations, but delivered with "intimacy on melodic wings." His signature song, "The Blower's Daughter," a massive Irish hit, attracted the stewardship of film composer David Arnold who provides "Amie" with expansive cinematic elegance. I've linked to the full-length Rhapsody tracks (if you don't have a Rhapsody player, it takes a second or two to download). Posted by Jason McManus.

O and Amie