Greg Bear's Sci-Fi Epic "EON" -A Video

Trance_2The award-winning EON video from the Society of Digital Graphics matches moments in the Greg Bear's novel when you will just put down the book, stare off into space shaking your head, then breathe an awed "Wow."

EON is a classic "hard-science" scifi epic by Hugo-Award winner Greg Bear with wormholes and tunnels fabricated from space/time, singularities which advance and recede simultaneously, and floating objects that bear every resemblance to matter except that they were made from distorted spacial coordinates.

As you'll see in the video, Earth has entered the twenty-first century, the Russians and the Americans (the Soviet Union's have regained their military power) are in another "cold war," and there are signs of impending nuclear war.

At that moment of crisis, a mysterious asteroid three hundred kilometres long enters our Solar System, its interior has been hollowed out into seven chambers, each containing remnants of an apparently lost civilization. The civilization is a parallel universe to our own, with historic records documenting humanity's future. Upon further investigation, it is discovered that the inside of the asteroid seems to stretch on for infinity, a corridor cutting through the fabric of space/time. It's not long before the humans discover the lost civilization within the corridor, but not before conflicts arise and war breaks out.

A recent reviewe wrote: "finishing this book left me with the impression that I had just experienced a monumental chapter in human history. I particularly loved the way he shapes the novel so that it begins with a sense of normality (the main character carries the groceries to her house, steps inside, greets her father, etc.) and progresses toward fantastic, terrifying dimensions." The book's climax is of near-biblical proportions, including such elements as moving cities and giant plasma fronts.

EON -The Video