"Sunshine" Heir to 2001 Space Odyssey -The Next Great SF

Xray_sun_2 About 800 to 600 million years ago the greatest ice age in the history of Earth occured, the Cryogenian,  which may have produced a "Snowball Earth" -an Antarctic-like shell of ice that covered the planet, believed due to a fall in solar radiation of about six percent.

Imagine what Planet Earth would be like if scientists discovered that  the Sun's eventual death was accelerated, that what should happen in 5 billon years, is happening a bit sooner. Imagine that a "Q ball", the nucleus of a supersymmetric particle, has itself lodged in the Sun, eating through normal matter, ripping apart the Sun's neutrons and protons and converting them into supersymmetric particles. In short, our Sun is dying.

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