Richard Dawkins & the Big Questions

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins tours the Natural History Museum at Oxford University and asks and answers some of the big questions about our existence on Planet Earth. A key focus is the impact of Darwin and "The Origin of the Species" on modern thought. A tour de force-don't miss this!

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Darwin's God -The Legacy of HMS 'Beagle'

BeagleIn case you miss this, you've got to read Robin Henig's article, "Darwin's God," in Sunday's New York Times. "Darwin's God." It covers a lot of what we've been posting about the past month about the controversy surrounding religion, science,  and technology in the 21st century, especially the recent works of the radical neo-Darwinists, Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), Daniel Dennett, and Sam  Harris. The key point Henig makes is not the hullabaloo over the neo-atheists, but a quieter and potentially more illuminating debate. "It is taking place," she writes, "not between science and religion but within science itself, specifically among the scientists studying the evolution of religion. These scholars tend to agree on one point: that religious belief is an outgrowth of brain architecture that evolved during early human history. What they disagree about is why a tendency to believe evolved, whether it was because belief itself was adaptive or because it was just an evolutionary byproduct, a mere consequence of some other adaptation in the evolution of the human brain."

On his voyage of the HMS Beagle, Darwin discovered the origins of the species; what he didn't discover was the origin of the man's belief in a god. Posted by Casey Kazan.

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