Resurrecting the Planet's Extinct Species -Can It Be Done?

DingothylacineheadScientists at the Universities of Melbourne and Texas have successfully resurrected a gene from the extinct Tasmanian Tiger.  This certainly isn't Jurassic Park - more like a Jurassic Concession Stand - but it's an incredibly important step forward in the study of animals thought to be lost forever.

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Extraterrestrial Origins of Life

Wardpeter Don't miss Peter Ward's third lecture, The Undesigned Universe in this Princeton Online series on astrobiology, where he argues for the possibility that DNA-bearing, carbon-based life is not the only form of life that may have evolved on earth. Ward, professor of astrobiology at the University of Washington and author of Life as We Know It -NASA Search for Alien Life, redraws the evolutionary tree to include RNA life, and conceivably many thousands or millions of other non-DNA-bearing lifeforms, which may have competed with, and lost out to, DNA-bearing life. He also explores the probability that we are in fact not a native Earth species but Martians who have evolved from earlier lifeforms to live on this planet. The lectures can be downloaded as audio or video.

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