China's Cyber War -The New Global Battlefield

Cyber_warfare_2 The centuries and millennia of human existence have seen advances both wondrous and horrific. While we have plumbed the depths of sea and space, painted the Mona Lisa and invented baseball, the reality of human existence is that our ingenuity is so often directed towards warfare.

A new for supremacy in evolving today, with news that China is actively planning for war with America, though, in a most unusual way.

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Latter-day Dr Strangelove Hacks Pentagon & NASA

CyberGary McKinnon the UK computer hacker who spectacularly cracked the Pentagon system and embarrassed the American defence establishment now faces extradition to the United States, where a prosecutor has said he would like to see him "fry". 

Born in Glasgow and now living in Bounds Green, north London, McKinnon, also known as "Solo," became fascinated with hacking as a 17-year-old watching the film War Games. He also acquired from his stepfather an interest in UFOs, which became another motivation for his hacking life.

His lawyers complained yesterday of the "chilling and intimidating threat" made by the US authorities against the man who carried out the "biggest ever military computer hack" - from a room in his girlfriend's aunt's house in Crouch End, north London.

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