Colossal Fiery Object -Largest Object in Known Universe, Discovered

Giant_comet_m_1Using the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton X-ray satellite, a team of international scientists found a comet-like ball of gas over a thousand million times the mass of the Sun hurling through a distant galaxy cluster at over 750 kilometres per second.
The gas ball is in a galaxy cluster called Abell 3266, millions of light years from Earth, thus posing absolutely no danger to our solar system. Abell 3266 contains hundreds of galaxies and great amounts of hot gas that is nearly a hundred million degrees. Both the cluster gas and the giant gas ball are held together by the gravitational attraction of unseen dark matter.

The gas ball in a remote galaxy cluster called Abell 3266, is about three million light years across, or about five billion times the size of our solar system. It appears from our perspective as a circular X-ray glow with a comet-like tail nearly half the size of the moon.  Scientists belive it is likely a massive building block being delivered to one of the largest assembly of galaxies we know of.

Posted by Jason McManus

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