Robin Williams Plays SPORE (VIDEO) -A Comedy Classic

Robinwilliams_2 Oh, boy, don't miss this hilarious Robin Williams classic creating SPORE videogame creatures at this week's E3 Conference. Robin builds a unique creature that can kiss its own ass; a Paris Hilton creature; and a creature that would make Darwin swear "I'll never take acid again."  Posted by Casey Kazan. See the ""Spore" post above.

Robin Williams Spore Video

The Front Fell Off—Comedy Video Classic

Comedy_2 I’m not sure which is funnier, the fact that half the people on the Internet who have watched this clip thought “Senator Collins” was a real senator, or the fact that this is really how politicians rationalize. In any case, funny men duo Clarke and Dawe do a fine job imitating the kind of ridiculous jargon we’re so accustomed to.

Posted by Jason McManus