The Air Car -Coming Your Way

_992848_compressed_air_car2_2 Yes, a car can run on nothing but air, as shown by the new concept car developed by French inventor Guy Negre. The car can be filled with compressed air in just three minutes, offering a fast, and more environmentally friendly, option than either fueling up a gas tank or charging an electrical car. The engineer has promised that within a year he will start selling a car that runs on compressed air, producing no emissions at all for around the town driving.

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Wind Power Returns to the High Seas

Skysail_2 It’s been a hundred years or so since we’ve seen cargo ships propelled by the wind, making their deliveries across our oceans. Thankfully, in this time of environmentally friendly business operations (or at least, some environmentally friendly business operations) the sails are being unfurled once again, to help minimize the amount of fossil fuels consumed.


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The Shell Game: Big Oil Backs Out of Solar Energy Initiatives, Goes Ahead with Dirty Drilling

Bigoil A few days after touting its signature of the Bali Communiqué—a document calling for a legally binding and comprehensive international agreement on climate change and for a 50% reduction in emmissions by 2050 based on science rather than economic considerations—Shell Oil has sold off part of its solar power business to Environ Global, a Signapore-based company that purchased Shells photovoltaic operations in India and Sri Lanka for an undisclosed sum. This sale comes following the low-key sale of the energy giant's solar module in Canada and Germany, and will be followed by additional divestments in the Philipines and Indonesia

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Goodbye Dirty Oil? New Prototype Car Can Store Electricity to Pay For Household Utilities Too

Foreign_oil_cartoon As oil becomes increasingly unpopular, it is also becoming a relic of the past. Oil may be close to an outrageous $100 a barrel, but a new University of Delaware prototype vehicle hints at a cleaner, smarter, less expensive future without that dirty black stuff around smogging up the place.

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World's Coolest Billboard (Is a Power Plant!)

Pg_billboard_2 The world's coolest billboard is actually a power plant, generating 3.4 Kw of electricity during the day, which is enough for a family of four. It has no storage and takes electricity from the grid at night, but is a net producer.

"The energy that is collected by the solar panels actually exceeds the amount used by it on a day-to-day basis," said Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) spokesperson Jennifer Zelwer of the standard-sized billboard,

Zelwer cautioned that solar-powered placard is only for show at this time, but said she would eventually like to see similar ones replacing standard billboards up and down highways. "If these are going to be en masse in the future, that certainly that would be a wonderful thing." 

Link: Live Science

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Europe’s Power Problems to be Solved by Africa's Deserts?

Westsahara3er_2 In an unusual turn of events, it looks as if Africa – the continent to be worst hit by global warming and climate changes – could help provide clean energy, to Europe. It is one of those poetic turns that just make you all happy inside.

The project entitled Desertec consists of a string of giant solar power stations along the Mediterranean desert shores of northern Africa and the Middle East. Coupled together with smaller amounts of wind, hydro and geothermal stations the project which would cost more than £5 billion ($10 billion USD) could provide Europe with a sixth of its power requirements.

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Green Energy Invention “Breaks the Laws of Physics”

Green_energy_2 In the “it sounds like we’ve heard this before” category, British scientists have invented a revolutionary device they claim can 'create' energy from virtually nothing. Not even the makers of the device are sure exactly why and how it works, but independent scientists have already confirmed the results after carrying out their own tests and finding that the 12in x 2in tube-like device somehow produces far more heat energy than the electrical energy put in. For many, such an invention sounds too good to be true—especially since such a feat would appear to violate the known laws of physics.

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Renewable Energy Not “Green”?

Clean_energy Renewable energy is not “Green” energy claims a prominent scientist with Rockefeller University in New York, who played an early role in raising public awareness about the reality of global warming. The study—which was recently published in a scholarly journal—is highly critical of what he believes to be the misleading and false promises associated with “renewable energy”.

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The “Ale”: Sleek New Futuristic Car Gets 92mpg and Accelerates Zero to 60 in 5 Seconds

Ale_automobile A fast new car that runs on fuel-vapor is making hybrids seem like gas guzzlers. It also gives off 75% less CO2 emissions than the average hybrid. The fun part is that the new car handles a lot more like a sports car than you’d expect from such an eco-friendly vehicle, and you can drive it as fast as 140mph—assuming there are no cops around.

The "alé", as it’s called, represents a new breed of futuristic, faster, and more environmentally friendly cars. Its creators used a Honda engine and suspension, and a Porsche steering mechanisms. The fuel tank only holds 10 gallons of regular gas, but it’s amazing how far those 10 gallons last.

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The Ocean -Our Power Future

Ocean_power_3Seventy one percent of our planet is covered by one of the most powerful forces known to us; and we’re having a power crisis. A multitude of major cities are situated on coastlines and in bays thanks to centuries old needs to control shipping ports; and we’re having a power crisis. Tsunamis and hurricanes have devastated countries from impoverished South East Asia to the pinnacle of wasted power, the United States of America; and we’re still having a power crisis.

Thankfully though, cities and scientists the world round are finally beginning to grasp the scope of the crisis, and step up to the plate.

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