Renaissance - A "Graphic-Novel" SciFi Film Review

Renaissance06Check out this "graphic-novel" style review of Renaissance, a French-language animated science-fiction detective film similar to Sin City comics and movie that's more old noir than cyberpunk, directed by Christian Volckman and released in USA by Miramax Films after six years in production. The movie uses the motion capture technique to create a 3D universe, entirely black and white (except some few elements in color at the end of the movie). The action takes place in Paris in 2054. The expressways along the Seine river are enclosed in glass tunnels and huge lofts seem to float in the night. Ilona Tasuiev, a young scientist and employee of the powerful Avalon conglomerate, is kidnapped for reasons unknown. Inspector Karas is leading the search. The French automaker Citroën designed a car specially for the film, imagining what a Citroën might look like in 2054.