Colbert Nation: How an Injured Wrist Became a Media Icon

Colbert Who else but Stephen Colbert could turn a simple wrist injury into a media crusade? His latest “WristStrong” stunt is revealing contrasts among television’s leading news anchors, and making an underlying statement about just how influential the parody pundit has become.

Colbert broke his wrist before a taping of “The Colbert Report” in June. He has since made “wrist violence” a source of comedy for his self-absorbed character by embarking on a celebrity cast-signing tour and promoting his bright red silicone “WristStrong” bracelets. As Colbert put it, "Hey, Nation! Don't let the severity of wrist injuries go unrecognized!" His cast is also currently up for auction on eBay. But not only are his antics good for some laughs—all proceeds are going to a charity for injured service members.

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