Angels or Demons? Video of LHC's $6 Billion Journey to the Beginning of Time

Big_bang_2_2_2In Dan Brown's blockbuster thriller, Angels & Demons, to be a 2008 movie starring Tom Hanks, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon tries to stop what seems to be the Illuminati, a legendary secret society, from destroying the Vatican City with the newly-discovered power of antimatter discovered by CERN physicist, Leonardo Vetra, who was found murdered in his own secured, private quarters at the facility. Vetra's chest is branded with a symbol — the word "Illuminati", formed as an ambigram, using a hot iron.

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NASA Creates Microscopic Telescope "Doorways" to View Beginning of Time

Naoj_nurseries NASA engineers and scientists building the James Webb Space Telescope, the "next-generation" Hubble, have created a new telescope technology called microshutters. Microshutters are tiny doorways that will allow the telescope to view the most distant stars and galaxies humans have ever seen. Each of the 62,000 shutters measures 100 by 200 microns, or roughly the width of three to six human hairs.

The Webb Telescope will have a wide field of view, and its deep, long observation of the sky will contain millions of light sources. Microshutters allow scientists to remotely and systematically block out light that they do not want. Previously, masks of space telescopes only covered large regions of a field of view at any one time.The shutters allow NASA scienists to perform spectroscopy on up to 100 targets simultaneously. They will be able to see deeper, faint, ancient light in less time.

Hubble's Ultra-Deep Field provides the deepest view of the universe, an image containing tens of thousands of light sources. Some of these light sources are relatively close and some are from an era just after galaxies and stars formed. To go deeper, scientists need to mask the brighter, closer sources and focus only on the most distant.

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