Near-Earth-Object Impact Risk Weighed

World_map_of_impact_craters_3 It seems a bit of a wonder that movies like Deep Impact and Armageddon made such an impact on humanity, considering the Hollywood source of their storyline. One would imagine that the end of all humankind is not necessarily a story built for mass appeal.

If the past is prelude, there's bound to be a massive collision event from a rogue asteroid at some point in the "near" future unless we successfully intervene.The "Impact Map of the World" above shows most of the 160 impact craters that have been identified since 1950. The bulk of the terrestrial impact craters that were ever formed, however, have been obliterated by eons of geological processes.

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Code Yellow: MITs Radical Asteroid Impact Prevention Plan

Asteroids In a report that reads as if it was a first draft for the next Armageddon blockbuster, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have announced to the world their plan to save earth from impending doom; if necessary that is.

And while the plan is not necessarily a plan to directly destroy or impair an asteroids path towards collision with earth, it is possibly one of the coolest things you’ll ever see.

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The Apophis Solution -Preventing the Earth's Next Asteroid Impact

Asteroid_2_2 In a move that will rob movie studios of all credibility… NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center has announced that they have developed a method for diverting asteroids that are on target for a head on collision with earth. The answer: nuclear warheads.

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