Arctic Scientists Explore a "Lost" 26-Million-Year-Old Ecosystem

Polarstern_800x545_2There are few regions on the planet as strange and mysterious as the untouched seafloors beneath the Arctic ice. Over the past several years, scientists have launched expeditions to reveal exotic seafloor life, focusing on an area of hydrothermal vent fields along the Gakkel Ridge, an area that has been almost entirely cut off from other ecosystems for at least 26 million years.

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"Hunt for the Red October" Revives - Challenges West Under Arctic Ice

Lenin The battle lines of future conflict between nations are emerging along the fault lines of the polar ice caps of our planet. An international race for oil, fish, diamonds and shipping routes, is being accelerated by the impact of global warming on Earth's frozen north.

Early in 2007, a team of Canadian explorers traveled for 47 days from the tip of Antarctica to reach the most remote point of its geographic interior -the "Pole of Inaccessibility" trekking through 250 kilometers – mostly by kiting, using giant kite-sails to pull attached skiers along snowy trails.

When they reached the Pole, they were greeted by a surprising sight – a statue of Vladimir Lenin sticking out two meters above the snow. Lenin's statue was placed there by Russian explorers in 1958.

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