Woz Dishes About His Annoyance with Apple TV, iPhone & MacBook Air

Jobs_and_wozniak_1975_2 Apple TV, the iPhone, and the MacBook Air are all less than perfect, according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak who bluntly listed several of the newer products’ shortcomings. According to Wozniak, who created the Apple I and Apple II computers in the mid-1970s, the new stuff is lacking important features.

"To tell you the truth I was really disappointed when the iPhone was introduced ... half the phones in the AT&T store at the time were 3G phones," Mr Wozniak said during a press conference following his keynote speech at the Broadband and Beyond Conference in Australia.

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Charlie Rose Interviews the "Other Steve" -the Man Who Invented the Apple

Apple_2We're on an Apple kick this week. Here's the first part of the two part Charlie Rose interview with Steve Wozniak (the "Other Steve"), the other half of the original Apple Computer and inventor of the original Apple, which he did largely to impress other members of the Palo Alto-based Homebrew Computer Club, a local group of electronics hobbyists.

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Daily Video Classic: Ridley Scott's 1984 Apple Ad

1984big34_1 In 1984, back when the Macintosh was considered a subversive, counter-culture tool (which of course it was), Apple Computer launched the Mac with a single broadcast of the now famous $1.5 million commercial based on George Orwell's 1984, and directed by Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven).

The commercial was broadcast during the 1984 Super Bowl XVIII. Steve Jobs' intention with the ad was to equate Big Brother with the IBM PCand a nameless female action hero, portrayed by Anya Major, with the Macintosh. The 1984 Apple ad was a subset of Ridley's direction of Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford.

Today Blade Runner is considered one of the most important science fiction films of the 20th century and is usually discussed along with William Gibson's novel Neuromancer as initiating the cyberpunk genre.

Scott personally supervised a digitally restored Blade Runner and approved the Final Cut, which is to be finally released in 2007.

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