Superman -The 1941 Animated Classic

Superman_1 Exquisite vintage Superman based on the original comic book series...follows Superman from the death of the Green Planet, Krypton to his adventures on Planet Earth. The first nine shorts produced by Warner Bros had more of a science fiction theme, with the Man of Steel fighting robots, giant dinosaurs, meteors from outer space. Rotoscoping, the process of tracing animation drawings from live-action footage, was used extensively to lend realism to the human characters and Clark Kent. The first seven cartoons opened with the classic line which was later adopted by the Superman radio series: "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!" Posted by Jason McManus.

Superman Video

Superman -The Mechanical Monsters

Supermanmechanicalmonster_1A masterpiece of pop art. A great example of 40's animation. Pretty good Superman as Clark and alter ego try to figure out what kind of mechanical monster (which looks suspiciously like the Iron Giant) robbed the bank on the same day a ritzy jewelry store opens.

The Superman shorts were at one time the most expensive cartoon shorts ever produced. They pretty much bankrupted the Fleischer studios because while they were gorgeous and popular, they didn't make their money back. But watch them carefully, and, as one reviewer wrote, "you can't help but be impressed by them. They're beautiful, awesome, majestic. Nothing in superhero cartoons came close to rivaling them for the next 50 years..." Posted by Casey Kazan.