Earth's "First Contact" May be Ghost Signals from Long-Vanished ET Civilizations
"Geysers & Fossils" --NASA Does a Deep Dive on Europa's Global Ocean

Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Headlines --"Kepler's Alien-Life Payload to Hunt for the Dark Photon"



Alien Life Payload?" NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft Downloads Exoplanet Science Data

“We Have Absolutely No Idea What's Out There!” --On 'World UFO Day' Scientists Discuss a Taboo Subject


"The Most Astonishing Galaxy in the Cosmos" --A Gigantic See-Through Blob With No Dark Matter

"From Dust to Dust" --Rare 'Species' of Interstellar Dust Common in Milky Way Detected in a Galaxy 11 Billion Light Years Away

Hunt Begins for the Dark Photon --5th Force of Nature: "The Portal Between the Visible and Hidden Universe"

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