Our Strange Universe --"We Need a New Law of Physics to Explain Its Paltry Amount of Dark Energy"
Milky Way's Black Hole Swarms to Geysers on Europa --Amazing Discoveries Found Buried in Old Spacecraft Data   

Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Headlines




"Searching for Signatures of Technological Civilizations" --Stephen Hawking's 'Breakthrough Listen' Vastly Expands Its Ability to Scan the Milky Way

Hubble Astronomers Observe Birth of a Massive Solar System

Planet Earth Report' --'One of the World's Most Famous Biologists Wants to Reverse Aging in Dogs, Then Humans'

"Game Changer" --Earth's Orbit Shifts Every 405,000-Years: 'Cycle Provides New Insights Into Dinosaur Evolution and Climate Change'

Decoding Alien Intelligence --"The Search for Life as We Don't Know It"



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