"20,000 New Planets!" --NASA's TESS Will Reveal a New Map of the Milky Way's Habitable Planets
"A New Era: 200,000 Stars & Alien Planets" --WATCH All-Day-Launch Coverage of NASA's New Alien-Planet Hunter, TESS Spacecraft Today

Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Headlines


"Setting the Stage" --MIT Scientists Identify Ingredients Needed to Brew Earth's First Life Forms

"The Dark-Matter Paradox" --A Tiny Galaxy Without Any May Be Proof That It Exists  

"Humans May Find It Impossible to Detect Alien Intelligence That's Based on Dark Energy or Matter " 

Universe's Earliest Light Reveals Dark-Matter "Superhighway" 100's of Millions of Light Years Long

"A New Unknown" --Astronomers Observe 72 Brilliant Flashes


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