NASA --"Newly Discovered Crystals Provide Evidence of Mars Water & Habitable Environment"
Today's Top Space Headline: The Sad Death of NASA's New Space Telescope --"Trump Has Handed Asia's Trade to China, Why Not Our Space Leadership Too?"

Today's Top Science Headline: The Riddle of the Quantum Sphinx --"Clues from Egyptian Hieroglyphs" (WATCH Today's 'Galaxy' Stream)



In his Lecture at Perimeter Institute, Robert Spekkens will explain why he believes that many quantum mysteries are a result of a category mistake concerning the nature of quantum states. Along the way, he will address some idiosyncratic questions, such as: What did Plato have to say about Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle? What do poorly implemented clinical drug trials have to do with “spooky action at a distance”? And, most importantly, what did the successful deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphs teach us about the interpretation of quantum theory?




Spekkens is a Faculty member at Perimeter Institute whose research examines the foundations of quantum theory.



Mindbogglingly wonderful!!! :)

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