Today's "Planet Earth Report" --World Leaders Hold a Secret Meeting On Fate of AI --"We Will Cease Being the Only Sentient Species on the Planet"
From the Farside --Ridley Scott: “Aliens are Out There --And AI is Much Further Advanced Than We Know" (WATCH Video)

Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Headlines


Why There Were No Neanderthal Picasso's (Or Were There?) --"A New Theory of Evolution" (WATCH Video)

"Message-in-a-Bottle" --SpaceX Starman Roadster's 'Black Box'

Habitable Worlds Beyond Our Milky Way-- "This Ancient Quasar Galaxy Harbors More Than a Trillion Planets"

From the Farside: South Atlantic Anomaly, A Portal to Another Universe? --"The 'Bermuda Triangle' of Space" (WATCH Video) 

"Planet Earth Report" --"First Images of Creatures from Unexplored Antarctic Depths"




All the way we have been looking for this thing to have the google play codes here.

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