The Unknown Signal from a Star System 200 Light Years Away --Stephen Hawking: "A Serious Scientific Problem" (Today's Most Popular)
Today's Top Science Headline --"The Plethora of Rocky Planets Raises a Big Question: Is Life Common in the Universe?"

Today's Top Space Headline: "Most Scientists in the 'Never Aliens' Camp Desperately Want to be Convinced Otherwise"




2017 was a banner year for scientists seeking aliens—even though they (apparently) didn’t find any. So, what do a strangely fading faraway star, an oddly shaped interstellar interloper in the solar system and a curious spate of UFO sightings by members of the U.S. military all have in common?

They are all mysterious, writes Lee Billings in today's Scientific American. For one thing—eye-catchingly weird, yet still just hazy outlines that let the imagination run wild. All have recently generated headlines as possible signs of life and intelligence beyond Earth, of some mind-bogglingly advanced alien culture revealing its existence at last to our relatively primitive and planetbound civilization. Yet their most salient shared trait so far is the certainty they provoke in most scientists, who insist these developments represent nothing so sensational. Ask a savvy astronomer or physicist about any of these oddities, and they will tell you, as they have time and time before: It’s not aliens. In fact, it’s never aliens.


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Far from being close-minded killjoys, most scientists in the “never aliens” camp desperately want to be convinced otherwise. Their default skeptical stance is a prophylactic against the wiles of wishful thinking, a dare to true believers to provide extraordinary evidence in support of extraordinary claims. What is really extraordinary, the skeptics say, is not so much the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence but rather the notion that its existence nearby or visitation of Earth could be something easily unnoticed or overlooked. If aliens are out there—or even right here—in abundance, particularly ones wildly advanced beyond our state, why would incontrovertible proof of that reality be so annoyingly elusive?

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For the people who do NOT BELIEVE what Mr. LUIS ELIZONDO from the DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE said HE believes are UFOs; please consider THIS logic!

Mr. LUIS ELIZONDO is from the DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE, and the DOD has **(ACCESS to SENSITIVE data)** from ALL over the WORLD. So do you (REALLY) believe, that Luis Elizondo would go on NATIONAL television and make statements about UFOs and extraterrestrial life visiting Earth, WITHOUT having the DOD check a ***(BILLION)*** times, before putting his (CAREER ON THE LINE), by coming on NATIONAL television and making these statements, if he was not almost certain that these UFO objects were NOT DRONES, not a BIRD, not a MISSILE, not a BUG on the camera (LENS), or anything ELSE beside some extraterrestrial crafts that HE said he believes they are? Mr. Luis Elizondo even stated on some of his TV interviews, that they ***(CHECKED)*** to see if these UFO objects were DRONES, and they also CHECKED to see if these UFOs could be from some other COUNTRY, like RUSSIA or CHINA.

Not to mention the PILOT (DAVID FRAVOR), a trained F-18 pilot, publicly testifying on TV what he saw with his own (EYES) on a CLEAR day! And also WEEKS of **(RADAR)** verification of these UFO objects from the USS NIMITZ. And 3rd, there is F-18 gun camera (VIDEO) of this UFO!

So you have **(3)** levels of CONFIRMATION of this UFO object! Leonard David, you are a SCIENCE writer, so YOU should have a very (LOGICAL) mind. So you should see my line of LOGIC here!

These are not just some guys off the street showing you videos from a hand held video camera!! LUIS ELIZONDO and CHRIS MELLON worked at the HIGHEST levels in the U.S. INTELLIGENCE and GOVT. If anybody know SECRETS, (THESE) guys do!!!

LUIS ELIZONDO has an impeccable resume of service in Highly CLASSIFIED areas with the ***(NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE and the DOD)***

And CHRIS MELLON has 20 years in the **(INTELLIGENCE)** agency.

And some people like Dr. MICHIO KAKU, are saying that it could be some EXPERIMENTAL HYPERSONIC drones. Once again, I am NOT a physicist, but I do have **(COMMON SENSE)** logic! So if this was a DRONE like Dr. Kaku said, don´t you think the DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE, who has access to **(ANY)** data from ALL over the WORLD, would KNOW if this was a DRONE or not!

And even if this was a DRONE from some VERY DEEP BLACK ops program, then that would mean that this BLACK operations program, would NOT want **(ANYBODY)** to know about this supposedly EXPERIMENTAL HYPERSONIC drone, then (WHY) would they fly this drone around on a CLEAR day were this experimental drone could be picked up by the USS NIMITZ´s radar; and USS Nimitz radar picked these UFOs up for (WEEKS)!

It does NOT make SENSE to say this could be a Experimental Hypersonic drone.

LMAO they don't want to be convinced otherwise. That's like saying that the scientists in the there is no afterlife camp, want to be convinced otherwise. All they'd have to do is look at the evidence. There are tons of evidence out there that they purposefully ignore simply because they are part of a cult at this point. Any new evidence that comes in that challenges the current thoughts about the world views of these cultists is immediately attacked instead of examined.

Most of the non-believing scientists fit the psychological definition of "delusional" even when ET shows up on an American Naval F-18 HUD (Heads Up Display).

If the scientists really want to know if ETs are here, interacting with us, then they should ask NASA (or ESA, or RSA, etc.) this question:

"Would you welcome an open message from any ETs who are already here, and are willing to begin a conversation when one or more nations welcomes beginning the Contact process?"

If NASA can openly say 'Yes', then the ETs will respond. Here's the explanation:

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