"So What Could It Be?" --Mystery Dimming Star KIC 8462852 --'200 Astronomers Rule Out Alien Megastructures'
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"Strange Signals Have Been Detected" --China Aims to Be First to Discover an Alien Technological Civilization (A 2017 Most Viewed)




"Some strange signals have been found, but it's hard to confirm their origins, because these signals do not repeat," says Li Di, chief scientist of China's new FAST Radio telescope. "We look for not only television signals, but also atomic bomb signals. We'll give full play to our imaginations when processing the signals," Li says. "It's a complete exploration, as we don't know what an alien is like."

"We don't know when earthlings will discover ET. It could be 1,000 years from now, or in our lifetimes. It could be next year, when FAST gets going on the sky surveys," said Dan Werthimer, chief scientist for the SETI Research Center at University of California, Berkeley. However, with no clues of extraterrestrial life over the past five decades, questions are constantly asked as whether the search methods are appropriate.


With a dish the size of 30 football fields, China's new FAST radio telescope, which measures 500 meters in diameter, dwarfs Puerto Rico's 300-meter Arecibo Observatory. Having the world's largest and most powerful new radio telescope, the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST), "We can receive weaker and more distant radio messages," said Wu Xiangping, director-general of the Chinese Astronomical Society, "It will help us to search for intelligent life outside of the galaxy and explore the origins of the universe," he added underscoring the China's race to be the first nation to discover the existence of an advanced alien civilization.

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The interferometry opportunities that are now possible give me goose bumps.

"Strange Signals Have Been Detected" --China Aims to Be First to Discover an Alien Technological Civilization (A 2017 Most Viewed)

LOL, I'm sure they have by strange people making up click bait stories. Put down the kool-aid.

Should use a SuperColdSuperStableNeutron beam interferometer receiver to pick
up alien signals; since a neutron beam can be phase shift modulated, with intelligence and nothing will stop it.

My Dear, If the flying saucers & UFOS are all around our Earth every day in several countries and even now confessed by the US Government as recently covered by NY Press and by the ToTheStars Company from Tom DeLonge...... why do you still need to wait for some signal?

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