"Beyond Comprehension!" --Collision of Two Supermassive Black Holes Will Dwarf the LIGO Gravitational-Wave Discovery (Today's Most Popular)
"Mind-Boggling!" --New Non-Biological Theory of Origins of Life

Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Posts




"Strange Signals Have Been Detected" --China Aims to Be First to Discover an Alien Technological Civilization (A 2017 Most Viewed) 

"Planet Earth Report" --Mount Saint Helens is Acting Wacky, Earth is Being Observed, Tech Innovations in 2018

SETI Alien Sleuth 'Skewers' Pentagon's Secret UFO Program --But Believes "Advanced Intelligent Life Will Be Confirmed Within Next 20 Years" 

"Humans are Later Comers" --The Cosmos Has Been Incubating Life Since Its Inception (A 2017 Most Viewed 

"Planet Earth Report" --How Alien Contact Could Change Us, Jellyfish Apocalypse, NASA's Most Awesome Rocket Ever (A 2017 Most Popular)




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