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"All of our observations find a complete symmetry between matter and antimatter, which is why the universe should not actually exist," explained Christian Smorra, with the BASE collaboration at the CERN research center. "An asymmetry must exist here somewhere but we simply do not understand where the difference is. What is the source of the symmetry break?"

The search goes on. No difference in protons and antiprotons have yet been found which would help to potentially explain the existence of matter in our universe. However, physicists in the BASE collaboration at the CERN research center have been able to measure the magnetic force of antiprotons with almost unbelievable precision. Nevertheless, the data do not provide any information about how matter formed in the early universe as particles and antiparticles would have had to completely destroy one another.


The most recent BASE measurements revealed instead a large overlap between protons and antiprotons, thus confirming the Standard Model of particle physics. Around the world, scientists are using a variety of methods to find some difference, regardless of how small. The matter-antimatter imbalance in the universe is one of the hot topics of modern physics.

The multinational BASE collaboration at the European research center CERN brings together scientists from the RIKEN research center in Japan, the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), the University of Tokyo, GSI Darmstadt, Leibniz Universität Hannover, and the German National Metrology Institute (PTB) in Braunschweig. They compare the magnetic properties of protons and antiprotons with great precision. The magnetic moment is an essential component of particles and can be depicted as roughly equivalent to that of a miniature bar magnet. The so-called g-factor measures the strength of the magnetic field.

"At its core, the question is whether the antiproton has the same magnetism as a proton," explained Stefan Ulmer, spokesperson of the BASE group. "This is the riddle we need to solve."

The BASE collaboration published high-precision measurements of the antiproton g-factor back in January 2017 but the current ones are far more precise. The current high-precision measurement determined the g-factor down to nine significant digits. This is the equivalent of measuring the circumference of the earth to a precision of four centimeters. The value of 2.7928473441(42) is 350 times more precise than the results published in January.

"This tremenduous increase in such a short period of time was only possible thanks to completely new methods," said Ulmer. The process involved scientists using two antiprotons for the first time and analyzing them with two Penning traps.

Antiprotons are artificially generated at CERN and researchers store them in a reservoir trap for experiments. The antiprotons for the current experiment were isolated in 2015 and measured between August and December 2016, which is a small sensation as this was the longest storage period for antimatter ever documented. Antiprotons are usually quickly annihilated when they come into contact with matter, such as in air. Storage was demonstrated for 405 days in a vacuum, which contains ten times fewer particles than interstellar space. A total of 16 antiprotons were used and some of them were cooled to approximately absolute zero or minus 273 degrees Celsius.

The new principle uses the interaction of two Penning traps. The traps use electrical and magnetic fields to capture the antiprotons. Previous measurements were severely limited by an ultra-strong magnetic inhomogeneity in the Penning trap. In order to overcome this barrier, the scientists added a second trap with a highly homogeneous magnetic field.

"We thus used a method developed at Mainz University that created higher precision in the measurements," explained Ulmer. "The measurement of antiprotons was extremely difficult and we had been working on it for ten years. The final breakthrough came with the revolutionary idea of performing the measurement with two particles." The larmor frequency and the cyclotron frequency were measured; taken together they form the g-factor.

The g-factor ascertained for the antiproton was then compared to the g-factor for the proton, which BASE researchers had measured with the greatest prior precision already in 2014. In the end, however, they could not find any difference between the two. This consistency is a confirmation of the CPT symmetry, which states that the universe is composed of a fundamental symmetry between particles and antiparticles.

The BASE scientists now want to use even higher precision measurements of the proton and antiproton properties to find an answer to this question. The BASE collaboration plans to develop further innovative methods over the next few year and improve on the current results.

 The image at the top of the page shows a small galaxy, called Sextans A, in a multi-wavelength mosaic captured by the European Space Agency's Herschel mission, in which NASA is a partner, along with NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Jansky Very Large Array observatory near Socorro, New Mexico. The galaxy is located 4.5 million light-years from Earth in the Sextans constellation.

The environment in this galaxy is similar to that of our infant universe because it lacks in heavy metals, or elements heavier than hydrogen and helium. In this image, the purple shows gas; blue shows young stars and the orange and yellow dots are newly formed stars heating up dust.(ESA/NASA/JPL-Caltech/NRAO)

The Daily Galaxy via Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet

Image credit: NASA


re: "An asymmetry must exist here somewhere but we simply do not understand where the difference is. What is the source of the symmetry break?"

Simple: the asymmetry necessarily exists between the strictly empirical and the greater actuality which eludes and escapes our otherwise primitive instruments.

We lack sufficient data and the sophisticated physics to properly frame the basic questions to begin with, if we are to be honest in this cosmological enterprise.

So we ask what we believe are, or seemingly should be, the "right questions," but those inquiries stem from incomplete understanding and therefore are prone to misinform or mislead us.

Dark energy. Dark matter. Cosmological constant.

To put it another way: we cannot yet possibly know, or even begin to reliably infer, everything from our mere "something."

The universe IS everything, let us remember, at least until a multiverse is officially confirmed.

One universe at a time, though, thank you.

Now, what IS presently known IS something, but the quality of the answer to understanding the existence of this... everything... demands better criteria, to be sure.

So, do keep at it, but, at the very least, resist any conclusion that the universe is somehow in error.

No matter however your hypotheses want you to believe them, question everything. Again and again.

And, when you think you have reached the final answer, think again.

For the sake of Everything.

simple....your theory is wrong!

Producing antiproton and “cooling it” that is right, but it isn’t antimatter…actually antimatter doesn’t exist…in fact this is state of matter in the contrary polarization space…polarization created by the field itself in case of strong interaction, see parts I, II, III, USM www.kanevuniverse.com And also see this: Again a little foolishness “to create pairs particle antiparticle” only through high energy two beams lasers…. And it is great achievement which “proof that the mass can produce only by energy”?! Of course it is another illusion…why?..... see this: Let begin with the nature of particle-antiparticle. All what we know about this phenomenon is that antiparticle is mirror image of respectively particle, but what is the essence nature of this dualism particle antiparticle? The answer comes from the essence of the field and polarization of the space in accordance with the USM www.kanevuniverse.com part I. Let see also page 195 to 198 USM where is given convincingly explanation of the nature question of antiparticle, which in summarizing fashion is the following: Antiparticle it is particle escaping from its own polarization space to the contrary one so quickly that there it isn’t tame to reverse its kinematic parameters, which immediately follows by annihilation. Obviously the two laser beams actually polarizes the space, which means polarizing field representing by particles belonging to one or another polarizing spaces. So these two laser beams can only contrasting polarization of the space and nothing more! G.Kanev

"Our Universe Should Actually Not Exist"

"All of our observations find a complete symmetry between matter and antimatter, which is why the universe should not actually exist," explained Christian Smorra

Where exactly did you get that first quote?

yeap all their theories are wrong, ad maybe animatter doesn't exist in this Universe; and also how can a galaxy that is only 4 million 500 thou light years away lack heavy elemets, it doesn'tt make sense, it'd have to be at least 4 thou 500 million light yers away or over 10 thou million light years away !!!

Finally scientists have started experiencing the 'dualism of existence' in complete 'equilibrium' in the Universe/Multiverse - matter vs. antimatter, energy vs. antienergy, space vs. antispace, spacetime vs. antispacetime, universe vs. antiuniverse (Multiverse), reality vs. antireality, myth vs. antimyth ... I want my unicorn back as I'm getting sane?

Our current understanding of the universe suggests that the universe shouldn't exist. This is a contemptible headline designed as click bait, not revelation.
The universe does exist, therefore it is our current understanding that is incomplete and misleading, not science or the universe.
Get it through your heads: science thrives on acknowledging errors and mistakes. This is the reason science is so much more useful and powerful than religion, which only recognizes dogma: the assertion that religious knowledge is complete and inerrant.

Maybe there was an equal amount of matter and antimatter at the beginning of the universe, but the unstable antimatter was destroyed and the current matter that exists is either what's left over from that reaction or an asymmetrical byproduct of it.

In the original Rishon Model - and also the Extended Rishon Model - there is no conflict. Matter and anti-matter are hiding in plain sight, providing the perfect balance. If you look at the (older) mixing angle diagram on Wikipedia, you find that it matches perfectly with the 12 positions of the "Pieces of E8" 12 phase positions. It also matches perfectly with the 12 phase positions of the Extended Rishon Model.

Those 12 phase positions - if you take the view that the base 12 particles of matter (electrons, quarks, neutrinos of both left and right flavours and associated anti-particles) are simply a photon in a tight look with an associated E.M. phase angle straight out of standard optics / Maxwell's Equations - explain very very simply and plainly how we can have a completely zero-average-balanced completely neutral universe yet at the exact same time have... well... particles.

The Law of Conservation of Energy is absolute. There is no way to break it. You just have to understand and accept that the AVERAGE of the phases of the sum total of every single particle (more specifically the photon that comprises each and every particle) comes absolutely and precisely to zero. No exceptions.

There is nothing special here: it's just rather unfortunate that the "peer reviewed" scientific community is heavily distracted by the overwhelming complexity of the Standard Model. If you wish to understand how the Standard Model fails us, ask any scientist who understands it this very simple question: "What - exactly - is inside a particle? What is a particle actually made of?"

they will be unable to answer.

That's exactly why these scientist are limited in their ability to capture the true essence of said Universe, change that concept around, what's exists outside exists in the inner workings of the human DNA, Macro verses Micro... One grows the other, evolution depends on industrial output... Stop covering up the Truth about the True Nature of our Universe, our purpose for being here, it's that simple. Mexico, the Stomach... China, the Bladder... India, the Heart... Africa, the Lungs... South America, the Brain... North America, the Intestines. Every land mass on this planet corresponds to an organ of the Human Anatomy, genetic materials are the primary spiritual properties of the God Particle, Dark Matter is the physical building properties belonging to EVE which enable gestation to take place. Our Earth is so much more than our scientific community is telling you, it is the Seat of the Soul of all Humankind.

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