The Alien Observatory --Planets Discovered Orbiting Neutron Stars: "Life Might Exist There as Hyper-Dense Microscopic Organisms Controlled by Nuclear Forces"
Millennia-Long Pacific Northwest Volcanic Eruption Discovered --"4,000 Times the 1815 Mount Tambora Event"

Emergent Gravity --"Dark Matter is a Mythical Beast, a Figment of Our Ignorance" (WATCH Today's 'Galaxy' Stream)




Perhaps General Relativity can be modified to give a new theory  in which the motions of galaxies, and the structure of the universe, are correctly predicted, without the need for dark matter. Maybe even the accelerating expansion of the universe, another current conundrum of physics, can be explained in such a theory.' Perhaps dark matter is a mythical beast, a figment of our ignorance which will evaporate as we explore nature more thoroughly.

Gravity is in dire need of new approaches like the one by Verlinde, since it doesn't combine well with quantum physics. Both theories, crown jewels of 20th century physics, cannot be true at the same time. The problems arise in extreme conditions: near black holes, or during the Big Bang.

In his public lecture at the Perimeter Institute for Theorectical Physics on October 4, 2017, physicist Erik Verlinde explored the core ideas behind this research into emergent gravity, and examine the implications of this potential revolution in our understanding of the universe.



Image credit top of page: NASA Dark Matter


big bang is just a stupid theory too. Transformed today into a new age religion for "scientists". By the way, how do you explain than the lensing effect that appears on some photos of very far away galaxies (which until yesterday was thought to be cause of Dark Matter huge clouds) ?

So it explains galaxy rotation curves (just like MOND and TeVeS). What about galaxy cluster motion, CMB anisotropies, and lensing especially in the bullet cluster (where the gravity appears to point away from the normal matter) - All of these require more than just a modified theory of gravity. The only advantage modifying gravity has is it might push dark matter into one of the detected particles (neutrinos?) rather than an undetected one.

Gaugain the Big Bang is a name attached to an event that it theorized to have happened in the distance past that explains observations made today. Any physicist who claims anything beyond that (e.g the Universe was created or "there was no time before then") is overreaching themselves and these days in the minority. Not sure how this makes it a "new age religion".

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There is evidence of the strongly interacting dark matter every time a double slit experiment is performed, as it is what waves.

"Perhaps General Relativity can be modified to give a new theory in which the motions of galaxies, and the structure of the universe, are correctly predicted, without the need for dark matter", actually I think the theory is just fine. I have been saying dark matter is total BS for years now, are you finally coming around? In order for the theory to give the correct information, one must input the correct data.

I think the big bang theory is correct. Our universe is came into existence due to burst of energy in the cosmic soup made of dark matter. Its like boiling of water. The bubbles (various universes) form near the heat source & gets bigger and bigger as it raises. The vapour bubble is prevented from bursting due to pressure of surrounding liquid (in our case dark matter.

I have been saying for years that dark matter is just what it sounds like. Dark matter. There is no magic about it.

Watched his video on my Roku.

What it reduces to is that the expansion of the universe, driven by dark energy, pushes against matter - matter pushes back - and the result is what we call gravity. As for the Big Bang itself, my understanding is that most of the expansion is occurring in a higher dimension; and not the normal three dimensions, that we normally associate with an explosion.

Back to being a truck driver again. :)

Another theory of everything with a possible explanation for the so-called dark matter

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