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"Where None Have Gone Before" --SpaceX's Elon Musk Ups the Suspense on Plans to Make Humans a Spacefaring Species (WATCH Video)




“Once you have all of those four elements, you can actually go anywhere in the solar system by planet hopping or moon hopping,” Elon Musk said at t June’s ISS R&D conference in Washington, D.C. “So by establishing a propellant depot in the asteroid belt or on one of the moons of Jupiter you can make flights from Mars to Jupiter no problem.”

The SpaceX founder plans to unveil something huge at the International Astronautical Congress later this week where Musk will provide an update on his plans to make humans a multiplanetary species, as well as some new surprises over last year's ITS system that consisted of a rocket booster, a spaceship, a tanker, and a propellant plant, all aimed at moving beyond Earth-based rocket launches. “Major improvements & some unexpected applications to be unveiled on Friday at IAC 2017 in Australia,” Musk said on his Twitter page.


“I’m thinking probably the upcoming IAC in Adelaide might be a good opportunity to do an updated version of the Mars architecture,” Musk said at the June conference. “It’s evolved quite a bit since that last talk.”

Here's the vieo SpaceX posted last year of how the system would work in practice, which incudes spacecraft traveling to Mars at a speed of 62,634 miles per hour:


The ITS is part of a multi-year timeline that starts with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket landings, followed company plans a manned mission in a Dragon 2 capsule, with a deadline of May 2018. If all goes to plan, a manned mission to Mars could take place as soon as 2026.

The Daily Galaxy via Futurism  and Inverse





Right now, NASA has advanced in space travel to barely the nautical equivalent of St. Brendan's coracle. (Perhaps Thor Heyerdahl's Kon Tiki or Ra rafts would be a better analogy.)

Musk would like to advance humanity to the equivalent of a Viking longship. It isn't going to be easy, it isn't going to be safe, and it isn't going to be comfortable - but we can't get to the space-faring equivalent of the Mayflower without going through the longship phase.

Eventually, we WILL leave this planet. Not in my lifetime - I'm the wrong side of 65 now - but in my grandchildren's day, if we're lucky.

Perhaps Elon Musk can be the Erik the Red of space travel!

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