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While scientists are still in heated debates about what exactly consciousness is, the University of Arizona’s Stuart Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose conclude that it is information stored at a quantum level. Penrose agrees --he and his team have found evidence that "protein-based microtubules—a structural component of human cells—carry quantum information— information stored at a sub-atomic level.”

Penrose argues that if a person temporarily dies, this quantum information is released from the microtubules and into the universe. However, if they are resuscitated the quantum information is channeled back into the microtubules and that is what sparks a near death experience. “If they’re not revived, and the patient dies, it’s possible that this quantum information can exist outside the body, perhaps indefinitely, as a soul.




Researchers from the renowned Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich are in agreement with Penrose that the physical universe that we live in is only our perception and once our physical bodies die, there is an infinite beyond. Some believe that consciousness travels to parallel universes after death. “The beyond is an infinite reality that is much bigger... which this world is rooted in. In this way, our lives in this plane of existence are encompassed, surrounded, by the afterworld already... The body dies but the spiritual quantum field continues. In this way, I am immortal.”

In “Beyond Biocentrism: Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness, and the Illusion of Death," Robert Lanza asks does the soul exist? The new scientific theory he propounds says we’re immortal and exist outside of time. Biocentrism postulates that space and time are not the hard objects we think. Death does not exist in a timeless, spaceless world. His new scientific theory suggests that death is not the terminal event we think.




“There are an infinite number of universes, and everything that could possibly happen occurs in some universe. Death does not exist in any real sense in these scenarios. All possible universes exist simultaneously, regardless of what happens in any of them. Although individual bodies are destined to self-destruct, the alive feeling—the ‘Who am I?’- is just a 20-watt fountain of energy operating in the brain. But this energy doesn’t go away at death. One of the surest axioms of science is that energy never dies; it can neither be created nor destroyed. But does this energy transcend from one world to the other?”

The Daily Galaxy via Robert Lanza and Sunday Guardian Live 


but what we call life is not some information in quantum level, but the exact information, at a specific time of life, in specific place. Family, friends, memories. It is not something somewhere, but some information, shared and used at certain moment of time - year 1000, 2017 or 2544.

Consciouness does not matter in longer perspective.


What if instead of "carrying" it, the cells were transmitters and receivers of the information --which is and remains in the onirisphere?

Quantum mechanics (QM) does not rule out the possibility of an "afterlife" universe or "afterlife" dimension (a multiverse, a multidimensional universe) or the survival of brain function after death (quantum immortality). Through quantum decoherence and quantum superposition, the idea of parallel universes offers the possibility for the existence of a communicating parallel universe acting as a person's afterlife universe when death occurs. As derived from the Many-WORLDS interpretation of QM, and its extending concept of Many-MINDS interpretation of QM, it is theoretically possible for a living person to exist in superposition in a parallel universe (including their mental states and electrical discharges occurring throughout their brain and nervous system). Many-Worlds views reality as a many-branched tree where every possible quantum outcome is realized including the possibility of branches to universes that doesn't lead to a living person's death. Theoretically, this makes it possible for a living person to continue living in a parallel universe when the person dies in this current universe.

More support for the possibility of survival after death comes from the current string theory interpretation of the holographic principle of quantum physics. This principle defines our universe as existing as a hologram where all the quantum information we perceive in three dimensions is stored. First proposed by the eminent physicist David Bohm (author of Bohmian mechanics and co-author of the holonomic brain theory along with Karl Pribram), a holographic universe can theoretically encode every quantized moment of our existence and experiences from the universe. Rather than a constant flow of experience, mental states can be broken up in intervals or time-quanta of 0.042 seconds, each of which make up one moment of neural substrate. Each state consists of a certain amount of quantum information which can theoretically be stored on a hard drive for example; and there is much progress ongoing in this technology. This holographic model of reality allows for phenomena considered "paranormal" such as near-death experiences, other phenomena involving life after death, and mental telepathy for example. The universe as a single hologram also solves the mystery of quantum entanglement which Albert Einstein called "spooky actions from a distance."

Also, the materialist model of conventional science is based on the old paradigm of Newtonian classical mechanics and is fundamentally flawed. Conventional materialist concepts of reality have been falsified such as: (1) locality, (2) causality, (3) continuity, (4) determinism, and (5) certainty in the last century by the modern science of quantum electrodynamics. At the core of materialism, the fundamental component of existence - the nature of consciousness -- is intentionally ignored even though the pioneers of quantum mechanics demonstrated and believed consciousness has a definite role in creating reality. Mainstream materialist theories of consciousness use classical mechanics in assuming consciousness emerged and is produced from "goo". So they focus particularly on complex computation at synapses in the brain allowing communication between neurons. But because quantum vibrations have been discovered in microtubules in the brain, Penrose and Hameroff's theory has garnered significant support.

"There are an infinite number of universes"

An unsubstantiated and personal opinion from which any number of fantasies can be cobbled.

This is as scientific as any of pseudo scientific speculations as homeopathy, astrology, inteligent design etc. Are all minds of all living creatures imortal - dogs, worms, bacterias ... Common! That is not a science. It is junk.

Various scientific (quantum based) and philosophic thinking are coming to a common point of co-existence...which is beautiful and good.

The "mind" or "conciousness" spans such a widespread existence throughout the multi-verse that we won't experience "death" in the "mind" as at the instance of death it just goes on "operating" in the multi-verse. In our "single real universe" in may be gone but our universe is such an infinitesimally small part of the "multi-verse existence".

There I said it and now you know for sure that I am nutz.

Just dream on.

Bloody nonsense. Excuse the language.

Roger Penrose suggests the fundamental physics that has to be occurring in the brain, and Hameroff narrows down specific brain structures that house that activity. There is no viable alternative to the proposed physics, so I'm sure that, in broad terms, the future will prove them right.

But Hameroff goes on to support such new age guff as consciousness being a fundamental feature of the universe etc. This is many many leaps too far and the article implies Penrose supports such whimsy - which he does not.

Physicists Says "It's Quantum Information that Transcends from One World to Another"

A physicist would not ever say that unless they are a total quack. Consciousness is simply a chemical reaction in the brain. When the brain puts memories together with fear.

Bill: There is that possibility, of course, but you need more than "it is because say so" to convince me of that sort of absolute - or that your assertion alone is correct / that anyone disagreeing is merely a quack... that seems like a big set of assumptions.

Penrose is partially correct, considering they are using the incorrect model of quantum dimensions. In the threads of universal energy, consciousness and life energy, these are all extensions of reality beyond the three dimensional senses. The model of an unlimited multiverse of infinite dimensions is incorrect, just as the notion that time is the fourth dimension. What multidimensional beings have learned is that there are 10 dimensions, and the fourth dimension is universal consciousness, as it were, a conduit of connectivity that is partially described in this article. The fifth dimension is what is observed by Einstein and others as the "spooky" science of quantum mechanics. In order to observe and evaluate that and higher dimensions, ones life energy and waking consciousness would both have to exist in that dimension. I am explaining this science and other dimensional realities in my book to be released next year 'Revealed: The History and Science Unknown To Mankind.'

I'm Not into all of this Physics Mumbo-Jumbo, barely made it thru High School. I Dated a Woman for a short period back in 1986-87 and i consider myself lucky enough to have had that time...Our lives went seperate ways, she married and had a Daughter, I have a son, got married...anyway i heard back around early 2006-7 that she was going thru cancer treatments and i felt bad about it but we now lived two states away and lost contact so i wished her the best and not knowing how to contact one night in 2007 i had a dream about her and i hadnt had any in many years..she came to the foot of my bed as i woke up and she was glowing..or radiating this huge smile and looking stunning..i knew she had passed on somehow because thats the first thought that came to mind, she smiled, looked at me and said " i'm Ok.." in her funny way she said it before to me...and a few other words i cant recall what they were but i know there was more words...anyway i woke up that morning thinking about it....and went on with my day..two days later..she was in the newspaper obituary, having died the very night i had the dream. Cancer had eaten thru her body. I called her Mother up about two months after this with enough courage to relate what happened that night in a dream..she believed me..stranger though ? i just had a dream about her a few days back that brought back memories.

The reason for the diurnal and annual rotation of the planets.

if the sun rotates the ether, and the ether rotates the planet, then the duration of the daily rotation of the planet will depend on the diameter of this planet ... in Mercury maximum day, Jupiter's minimum. In addition, if we look at the angular velocities of the planets, they almost do not differ in magnitude, as if the planets float in a certain liquid. This happens because the concentric layers of the ether, unwound by the sun, have different velocities.

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