Search for Life on the Solar System's Icy 'Ocean' Moons --"Tidal Heat is the Key"
Human Brain Constantly Rewires to Build a Multi-Dimensional Network --"Could Never Be Produced By Chance"

StarTalk Radio: "What Does It Mean to Be Human --Could Another Intelligent Species Rise to Power?"



What does it mean to be human? Primatologist Natalia Reagan tries to unlock the answers, with a little help from paleoanthropologist Marc Kissel, diving deep into the history of the hominoid lineage. You’ll hear about the evolution of wisdom, the importance of “symbolic thinking,” and why societal examples of behavior are more important than individual examples of behavior when studying the fossil record.

You’ll also hear how Marc’s work on Notre Dame’s “Evolution of Wisdom” project could help us better understand ourselves – and why it’s so hard to flesh out wisdom from the fossil record. You’ll learn about the evolutionary mystery of language.

You’ll also find out if teeth can tell us anything about signs of compassion and altruism amongst early humans. All that, plus, our trio answers previously submitted Cosmic Queries about losing hair, what humans will look like 500,000 years from now, whether another intelligent species could rise to power?

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Image credit: Ancient Origins 


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