NASA: SpaceX Dragon to Deliver Ground-Breaking Science Research to Space Station --"Neutron Stars to Human Survival"
After the Big Bang --"Is Inflation the Greatest Mystery of Cosmology?" (Watch Today's 'Galaxy' Stream)

NASA's Artists --Visualizing Newly Discovered Alien Worlds




The first artist to paint a galaxy was Vincent Van Gogh's depiction of Andromeda in his iconic Starry Night. Today, while astronomers have identified over 1000 planets around other stars, they’re all too small and distant to fill even a single pixel in our most powerful telescopes. That’s why science must rely on artists to help us imagine these strange new worlds. Shown above is the first planet to be seen in transit (crossing its star) and the first planet to have it light directly detected. The HD 209458 b transit discovery showed that transit observations were feasible and opened up an entire new realm of exoplanet characterization. NASA, European Space Agency, Alfred Vidal-Madjar (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, CNRS)






See also this gallery of alien worlds

Amazing post, these videos are spectacular. The visuals on them are amazing and they show what life is like outside of our solar system. Their is still so much more for us to explore and I look forward to hearing the news one day about what we have discovered. :)

These videos are SPECTACULAR!

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It is an Amazing Post. It is very knowledgeable and increases my knowledge about the galaxy. Thanks for sharing.

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