(WATCH TODAY JUNE 19) Live Streamed Via NASA TV --"Kepler Mission to Reveal New Planet Discoveries"
Super-Earths 10 Times More Massive than Earth --"Magnetic Fields Could Allow Them to Harbor Life"

Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Headlines --"From Vast Ocean 30 Trillion Times Earth's to Rise of a New Intelligent Species"




Vast "Ocean" of Water Detected at Nearby Galaxy's Core --"30 Trillion Times Earth's Oceans, With a Diameter 15 Million Times Distance of Earth to the Sun"

Human Brain Discovered to Operate in 11 Dimensions --"Multiverse-Like Structures a World We Never Imagined”

"We are Not in the Middle of a Sixth Mass Extinction" --Earth's Past Armageddons Unfolded Like Human Power-Grid Failures

“Quantum Space Race" --China's Scientists Generate 'Spooky' Entanglement in Space For First Time (WATCH Weekend 'Galaxy' Stream)

"Into the Unknown" --JWST to Target Very First Galaxies After the Big Bang to Chemical Fingerprints of Life On Enceladus and Exoplanets Like TRAPPIST-1e (WATCH Today's 'Galaxy' Stream)

StarTalk Radio: "What Does It Mean to Be Human --Could Another Intelligent Species Rise to Power?"


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